Khurshid Saleem

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Khurshid Alam Saleem
Gold Medal Winner(Olympic Fine Art) from USA
Beijing Olympic-2008 ,
New York Based Artist


1976 Graduated from Institute of Fine Arts, Dhaka University, Bangladesh
1987 Special course in advanced color print, Department of Art and Art Education, New York University, USA
1988 to 1990 Guest Artist Fellow, Print Making Workshop, New York, USA
2008 Visiting Professor, Fengliang (International) Art College, Jiangxi, China

Award and Honor

Selected Artist for peace walk - The World Peace And Harmony-1987 at United Nations,New York,USA
Solo Exhibition --2007 , by Ministry of Culture,govt. of China
Special Selection – 2007, Tokyo National Art Center, Tokyo, Japan
Honor Artist Collection – 2008, Wuning Art Center, Jiangxi, China
Thikana New York Newspaper Award, 2008
Olympic Fine Arts from USA – Beijing Olympic 2008, awarded Gold medal and torch
Invited artist from USA-2009, 100 excellent artist Exhibition,Penang,Malaysia
Solo Exhibition --2009, by Ministry of Culture,Kingdom of Morocco
Congressional Recognition -2010 ,by The House of Representative of
US Congress,USA
Award Of Appreciation-2010, in recognition of valuable contribution to the Asian American Community By the Asian Heritage Committee,New York,USA
Awarded Medal Of Olympian Artist-2010,by the Mayor Of The City Of Banja Luka,Bosnia and Herzegovina
Participating artist: the exhibition with Pablo Picasso,Salvador Dali, Marc Chagall, Victor Vaserely and Francisco Goya
Euro-Asian Art Center, Vienna,Austria-2010
Awarded Medal-Reconsidering Earth Exhibition,Jakarta,Indonesia

53 Individual Exhibition in Twelve Country (1982 - 2012)


Shenyang Palace Museum, Liaoning, China
Capital Library and Culture Center, organized by Ministry of Culture, Govt. of China
Solo Art Show, presented by Embassy of Bangladesh, Beijing, China
Artist Village Gallery-2008, Beijing, China
Artist Village Gallery-2009, Beijing, China
Jiujiang Painting and Calligraphy Museum, Jiangxi, China
Wuning Art Center, Jiangxi, China
Kechuang Art Gallery,Beijing,China
Beijing Classic Golf Club Gallery--2009,Beijing,China
Beijing Classic Golf Club Gallery--2010,Beijing,China
Liaoning Art Museum,Shenyang,China,
Liaoning Meijia Gallery,Shenyang,China
Rivelli Gallery,798 Art Zone,Beijing China


Taiwan Daye University Gallery ,Taiwan,China
Taiwan Baguashan Art Museum,Taiwan,China

United States of America
Celebration of Fifty Solo ,Chelsea,New York ,USA
Solo Spring Show-Rogue Gallery,Chelsea,New York,USA
World Fine Art Gallery, Chelsea, New York, USA
Turkish Culture Center, United Nations Plaza, New York, USA
Eick Holt Gallery, Soho, New York, USA
Barital Valley College exhibition Space, New Jersey, USA
Solo Exhibition, Skyline display space ,Queens, New York, USA
ATN Bangla, USA TV Studio, New York, USA
Bangladesh Embassy, Washington D.C., USA
Lucy's Bistro display space ,Long Island,New York, USA
Open Studio Exhibition -2008,Long Island,NY,USA
Open Studio- Exhibition-2009,Long Island,NY,USA
One Man Show- International Trade & Cultural Festival,Margate City,Florida,USA
BA Art Gallery exhibition,New York,USA
Asian Heritage Committee Exhibition,New York,USA
Solo Exhibition for Bangladesh Liberation war Museum,New York,USA,
International Club Of DC,Washington D.C,USA
Stove Factory Gallery,Boston,USA
The Grand Ball Room-Show,Atlanta,USA

Gallery O, Tokyo, Japan
Gallery Chuwa, Tokyo, Japan

Galerie In Berlin,Berlin,Germany

Shilpangon Contemporary Art Gallery-2011,
Shilpangon Contemporary Art Gallery-2010,Dhaka,Bangladesh
Bengal gallery of fine arts,Dhaka,Bangladesh
Gallery Chitrak, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Bangladesh National Museum, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Bangladesh National Art Gallery, Dhaka, Bangladesh
German Culture Center, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Zainul Gallery, Dhaka University, Bangladesh

Weavers Studio Centre for the art, Kolkata,India
Gallery wii,oland,Sweden
Moya Europe Museum,Vienna,Austria
Galerie Bab Rough-Ministry of Culture ,Kingdom of Morocco
Asia Festival
(Bangladesh House)
Galerie du Colombier,Paris,France
La Nuit Bengali,Paris,France
Solo Show sponsor by Bangladesh Embassy,Brussels,Belgium

Museums, Biennales, Art Fairs and Collective Exhibitions (1969 - 2012)


Beijing City Museums, Beijing, China
Kawasaki City Museum, Kawasaki, Japan
Tokyo National Art Center, Tokyo, Japan
National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhli, India
Natural History Museum,Crete,Greece
Bronx Museum of Art, New York, USA
Hill Wood Art Museum, New York, USA
Neenam Art Museum, Wisconsin, USA
Gibbs Museum, South Carolina, USA
Cleveland Art Museum, Ohio, USA
OLYMPIC MUSEUM,sarajevo,Bosnia and Herzegovina
Museum Of Banja Luka ,Bosnia and Herzegovina


Sao Paulo International Biennale, Brazil
Asia Art Bangladesh Biennales, Bangladesh
Beijing International Art Biennale, China
Rockycany Biennnale – the Museum of Dr. Bohuslav Horak, Czech Republic

Art Fairs

Asian Contemporary Art Fair, New York – 2008
Lineart Gent, Belgium – 2008
Art Manez,Moscow,Russia--2009

Collective Exhibitions

Bronx River Gallery and Art Center, New York, USA
Broom Street Gallery, Soho, New York, USA
Monique Gold Storm Gallery, New York, USA
Roots of Renaissance Gallery, New York, USA
Chicago Public Library, Chicago, USA
North Western University, Illinois, USA
Federal Reserve Bank, Kansas City, USA
Tefai Academy of Fine Art and Science, Georgia, USA
Bangladesh art week,NY,USA
Bangladesh art exhibition,NY,USA
World Fine Art Galley,Chelsea,NY,USA
Armory Art Center,Florida,USA
BA Gallery, Pennsylvania,USA
Noho Art Walk,NY,U.S.A.
JMA Gallery, Vienna, Austria
Group Art Exhibition, Belgrade, Serbia
Graphic Print Show, Rome, Italy
Dr. Gallery, Beijing, China
Olympic Fine Art -2008, Beijing Olympic, China
10th Asian Art Festival,Zhengzhou city,China
11th Asian Art festival,ordos city,China
Exhibition for OIC, Dhaka, Bangladesh
National Art Exhibition, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Young Artist National Exhibition, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Gallery 21, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Shaju Art Gallery, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Olympia Artist Exhibition,Sarajevo and Banja Luka,Bosnia and Herzegovina
Gallery Hittite,Toronto,Canada
4th international Art Exhibition on Peace -Beijing,China
Exhibition of Historical Artist,Vienna,Austria
Exhibition- ART& ME,Chengdu,China
5th Art On Peace Exhibition ,New York ,USA

Two Man Show,Time and Space Gallery,Bangalore,India

International Flag Art Exhibition ,organized by MEDOWS &OFAA,sponsor by UNESCO,Beirut,Lebanon

Event of London Olympic , Flag art of International artist

Phoenicia Hotel,,Beirut,Lebanon

Publication Of Selected Article


Plastic Thinking Exhibition

-Sadeq Khan,Holiday,1987-Bangladesh

Different Strokes

-Liu Fang,Cultural Express,CCTV,2007-China

Liaoning Daily,Shenyang,2008 - China

Hampton Jitney-A Man With A Vision.

-Thomas H.Sarc,new york,2008-USA

Oland Bladet

-Erich Schwandt,Sweden-2009

Hindustan Times

Bangla Artist,s Debut in city

-Ratanlekha Mazumder,India-2010

The Hindu

A Brush With Color ,India-2011


art magazine ,Boston,USA.-2011

Daily Sun

Saleem Artistic Journey Through Nature


The Daily Star

Saleem,s Celebrale Creation

-Takir Hossain ,Bangladesh-2011

Intellectual Imaginations

Dhaka Corier,2011-Bangladesh

Government, Museums and Corporate Collection

OLYMPIC MUSEUM,sarajevo,Museum Of Banja Luka ,Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Vice President of Bangladesh, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Foreign Affair, Ministry of Works Govt. of Bangladesh. National Museum, National Art Gallery, National Bank Limited, American Express Bank,Eastern Banking LTD, Padma Group,Ittafaque Group, Beximco Group,Boshundhara Group,Director British Council, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Prometheus International; City Management; Bangladesh Consulate, Executive Director office ,New York City union, New York, USA..

Jiujiang Painting and Calligraphy Museum, Jiangxi,China

Embassy of Bangladesh,Beijing -China, Rabat-Morocco, Berlin-Germany,

Washington D.C-USA

The Museum of Dr. Bohuslav Horák, Czech Republic;

Moya Europe Museum,Vienna,Austria,

Cultural Ministry ,The Kingdom of Morocco..

Mayor ,City of Crete ,Greece.

Mayor Office,City of Margate,Florida.

And many private collections in America, China, Bangladesh, Japan , France ,Morocco ,Brazil,Mexico,Germany,Belgium and other countries.

Khurshid Alam Saleem Makes Underlying Mysteries of Nature Palpable in Pigment

- Ed McCormack

Subtlety and complexity are increasingly becoming rare qualities in the age of art-as-commodity, wherein far too many painters strive for a signature style as simplistically pat as a corporate logo. This, however, does not stop Khurshid Alam Saleem, a painter born in Bangladesh and based in New York, from enlivening his large acrylics on canvas with all manner of chromatic and tactile nuances which prove richly rewarding for the thoughtful viewer.

At the same time, Saleem's abstract compositions have a striking impact with their bold, roughly geometric color areas and unique contrasts between rugged texture and vibrant color saturation. Thus one is initially struck by the sheer physical presence of his paintings, and only later further seduced by the more intimate pleasures with which they reward closer contemplation.

Above all, Saleem is a consummate colorist, revealing his mastery in a luminous yet subdued range of sunny yellows, transcendent blues, earthy reds, and other skillfully blended or superimposed secondary hues, with which he achieves exquisite harmonies unlike anything else in contemporary painting. In a large canvas called "Image of Nature 1", for example, he explores unexpected relationships between various tones of gray and yellow, intermingling them in a manner that makes one perceive how these two unlikely colors work in concert, as though for the very first time.

By contrast, more densely saturated verdant greens and oceanic blues, achieved via the layering of translucent veils of color that darken and deepen with each successive application yet retain a mysterious, muted underglow, are featured in canvases such as "Image of Nature 6" and "Image of Nature 10",' where they radiate a somber resonance akin to Rothko. But there the resemblance ends; for if Rothko was a minimalist, Saleem is a maximalist in terms of the number of formal elements he brings into play in each canvas, layering his compositions to achieve a mosaic-like complexity; laying down broad, broken strokes to create tantalizing spatial tensions that simultaneously affirm and disrupt the two-dimensionality of the picture plane with rectangular shapes that one would be tempted to liken to gem-like stones shimmering below the surface of crystalline water, if not for the adamantly non-referential thrust of Saleem's work.

As many of his titles indicate, nature is Saleem's most constant source of inspiration. Yet nothing so obvious as the lay of the land comes across in his compositions, which, unlike those of many other abstract artists who may be equally enamored of nature, do not rely on references to the conventions of traditional landscape painting. Rather, a sense of deeper natural essences, and even more elusive atmospheric allusions, sets Saleem's work apart from that of his contemporaries.

All of which is to emphasize that there is no hint of superficial resemblances to be discerned in these paintings; each is an autonomous aesthetic entity, evoking a sense of movement or stillness, turbulence or calm, through the language of painting itself; through the resources of an artist possessed of a remarkable gestural vocabulary. Indeed, Saleem's arsenal of painterly effects ranges from thick impasto to delicate staining techniques, and he is not reluctant to combine and contrast several modes of expression within a single composition, effortlessly juxtaposing craggy textures suggestive of mineral matter with areas of diluted, dripping pigment that appear as ethereal as if he had dipped his brush in liquid light.

Some of the more thickly encrusted areas in Saleem's paintings are to be seen and sensuously savored in the bold rectangular forms which are a recurring motif in his compositions. Yet he somehow endows these most materially palpable forms with a paradoxical sense of flotation, of almost mystical suspension, that lends his paintings a peculiarly pregnant beauty, hinting at the metaphysical.

In doing so, Khurshid Alam Saleem raises intriguing questions about the very nature of matter and reality itself, even while creating works of art that initially arrest one's attention and ultimately hold one's interest by virtue of their remarkable optical and tactile qualities.

Ed McCormack, one of the original contributing editors of Andy Warhol's Interview, has written extensively on art and popular culture for Rolling Stone, The Village Voice, the New York Daily News and numerous other publications. At present, with his wife Jeannie McCormack, he publishes the art journal GALLERY & STUDIO. Most recently he wrote a catalog essay for the exhibitYork City".ion "Willem de Kooning, 1981-1986, at L&M Arts, New

Nature-color and vision
khurshid alam saleem

I mainly deal with nature.The nature that surrounds us is an infinite source of wonder and beauty
It is static and the continually changing
I find inspiration-in the tiniest detail of nature -drop of rain water,a falling autumn leaf
- a speak of white in a blue sky ....
my experience a completely unexpected discovery of bright and bold colors. Nature is not always bright and bold, but I consciously depict my nature in those high-pitched colors bring a new tune ,sing a new song , tell a new story
I like my chorus part to be loud and joyous so that I can renew myself with hope. In other words, art for me – like nature itself – is a source of hope and inspiration. By bringing this internalized experience out on the canvas, I invite my viewers to imbue themselves with the same exhilaration and promise.

Every genuine art work demands spontaneity. If it is deliberate and contrived, art loses its authenticity.
When I paint I experience the same sense of wonder and anxiety, curiosity and eagerness, hope and fear, all coming together in a forceful explosion.
In art, I don’t look for logic; instead I look for rhythm. Carefully structured sequence has no meaning for me. Instead,
I live for the drama of the moment that reveals itself like the crashing foamy waves of the ocean: spontaneous, determined and majestic.

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