Mustafa Zaman

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Born in 1968 Mustafa Zaman received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1989 from the Institute of Fine Arts (now, Faculty of Fine Arts), University of Dhaka. Trained as a printmaker, he soon veered into multidisciplinary practice and also began to delve into art writing. In late 1990s Mustafa started contributing art reviews to Observer Magazine, a weekly supplement of the now defunct daily Observer. He joined The Daily Star in 2002 and worked in the scope of a feature writer for Star Weekend Magazine for three years writing on a gamut of subject matters including art, literature and politics. He has contributed numerous art reviews and articles on major Bangladeshi artists to a number of vernacular Dailies including Bhorer Kakoj and Prothom Alo.

Mustafa is now editor of Depart, a magazine launched in 2010 and focused on contemporary art from South Asia with special emphasis on the emerging art scene of Bangladesh. Mustafa has written numerous prefaces to exhibition catalogues of major Bangladeshi artists. His upcoming monograph on Sayed Jahangir, a pioneer abstractionist, will soon be published from SPBL, an art promoting organisation.

Mustafa’s major curatorial efforts include CrossOver ( 2011-2012), two back-to-back workshops and exhibitions planned and sponsored by Art & Bangladesh, the organization responsible for Depart, with artists from India and Bangladesh as participants; two solo exhibitions in 2013 including DeReal by Bahram, a rickshaw painter who crossed over to mainstream art circle, and Gravity Free World by expatriate artist A Rahman; a retrospective exhibition in 2014 entitled In(site) by Kazi Salahuddin Ahmed.

As an artist Mustafa had his first solo in 2002 where sourced image were placed alongside texts to interrogate the order of knowledge; his second solo showcased his large paintings on canvases in an exhibition in 2010, at Bengal Gallery of Fine Arts; and the third was a playful mix of two and three dimensional works framed as a series of seemingly desperate yet thematically related conceptual pieces at Alliance Francaise, in 2010. His most recent multimedia installations and interactive pieces were presented at Bengal Lounge in 2013, at a duet exhibition with fellow artist Rafiqul Shuvo, under the title Automated Subjectivity.

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