Radost Nikolaeva – Cohen

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Former President

Website: http://www.rhiz.eu/person-16106-en.html

Radost Nikolaeva-Cohen is an art manager from Bulgaria. She has Master in TV journalism and Documentary, Specialization on Documentary and new media, Specialization of management and marketing, Specialization of Cultural Industries (CIs), etc.

She is a member of Public Council for culture and education to the municipality council of Kardzhali; Member of the board of Partnership for Art Foundation – Sofia; Chief of Redactor board of the national youth magazine for literature, translations and critics "Krug" ("Circle"); Member of Rhiz.eu network; Member of Bulgarian Writer Association. She is a Founder of Art movement Krug-Bulgaria and chairwoman of the board of KRUG Art Movement-Kardzhali.

She is a Founder of KRUG Literary magazine (1998 up to now). In 1998 she opened the first Art apartment KRUG in Sofia, in 2002 – the Kardzhali Art Gallery, in 2004 – the international artist-in-residency center in Duzhdovnitsa village, Bulgaria. She is a Curator of more than 200 local, national and international exhibitions and Trainer in the field of cultural regeneration using art innovation activities.

Group exhibitions and literary performances: Strumitca, Macedonia (2002), London (2009), Toscana (2009), Istanbul (2010), Edirne (2011).

Published author books by Radost Nikolaeva-Cohen:

Book „Good name in the pocket" – poetry

Book "Wild and beautiful " – poetry, aesthetics, graphics

Book "All" – poetry, comments and graphics

Book "Encyclopedia of the personal names on the Balkans" – monograph

"Dedicated to Terlik: 20 art expeditions in the East Rhodopes mountain" – monograph, interviews

Book "A Guide to art intervention in Multicultural environment" – monograph

Over 200 articles and comments in the national media in the field of social critics, multiculturalism, art events and cultural researches are published.

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