Dawit Asrat Alemayehu

National Committee: 


High School Completed, and I have 8 years in experience as a DJ in Different Lounge, Club, festival and concerts. Professionally skilled.


* From one of the biggest jazz club of Ethiopia the name called JAZZAMBA (AFRICAN JAZZ MUSIC BAND P.L.C) for one year's work experience certificate.

* From Care Advertising & promotion and Organizer of ADWA African music festival and The German Cultural Institute (GOEHTE Institute) Mamas music concert.

* From GIBE HOTEL letter of appreciation.

* From Addis acoustic project (Jazz band).


*ACACIA JAZZ & WORLD MUSIC FESTIVAL February 2&5 2012, with legendary Ethiopian singer and various bands come from various country from Ethiopia such as ALEMAYEHU ESHETE, BAHTA G/HIWT,GIRMA NEGASH, & Addis acoustic project and the BBC music award winner MAHMOD AHMED foreigner THEWODROS AVERY QUARTET U.S.A. , Germen +Ethiopia JAZZMARIS band, ARAT KILO JAZZ band from France, Netherland JAZZ band and Lutinya jazz group etc...

*Mamas concert in Gohte institute with Ethio + Germen artists.

* ADWA AFRICIAN Music festival.

* ZAMI 90.7 radio program for one year


Fluent in speaking and writing in English and Local Amharic

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