Simanta Jyoti Baruah

National Committee: 

QUALIFICATION: Passed B.E. (Civil) from University of Guwahati in 1988.
Passed A.M.I.E. (Architecture) from Institution of Engineers
(INDIA) IN 1993.

Eastern Region Art Exhibition Organized by Lalit Kala Academy
in Kolkata, 1990 & 1992.•Friendship exhibition at Birla Academy of Arts and culture 90
&98. •Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata 1992 and state Art gallery, Guwahati 1995. •‘First
All India Drawing Biennale’ by Solids in Chandigarh in 1990 & 1996.•All India Drawing
Exhibition at Chandigarh by North Zone Cultural center in ’96 & L.T.G. at gallery, N.
Delhi.• 7th All India Exhibition at Imphal by Manipur Fine Arts Society. •Drawing
Exhibition at State Art Gallery, 1996 by ’Rhythm’. ●Annual Exhibition by Lalit Kala
Akademi 1990, 1996. ●‘Fifty years of Art in Independent India’ by India Fine Arts and
Crafts Society at Guwahati and New Delhi’97. ●Group Exhibition at Birla Academy of
Arts & Culture, 1998 by Gauhati Artists’ Guild.● Parama Prakriti by Earth Song in 1999.
●Millennium Exhibition by Srimanta Sankaradeva Kalaksetra & Gauhati Artist Guild in
2000.●Millennium Exhibition by Srimanta Sankaradeva Kalaksetra & AIFACS, New
Delhi in2001.●“Harmony Show” by Manipur Arts Society, Imphal in 2001.●Solo
Exhibition at Earthsong Gallery, Guwahati in 2002.●State level “Platinum Jubilee
Exhibition by AIFACS & Srimanta Sankaradeva Kalaksetra in 2002.●”Regional focus”
Exhibition organized by Lalit Kala Academy & Srimanta Sankaradeva Kalaksetra in
2002.● Group Exhibition organized by Srimanta Sankaradeva Kalaksetra in 2003.
Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai, 2006. India Art Summit 2009 & 2011. Colors show at
Artland Gallery, Mumbai


Installed outdoor sculpture at Assam Engineering College, Jalukbari
Guwahati under Guidance of Late Pranabendu B. Dhar in 1988.
Installed sculpture at Guwahati Stock Exchange in 1997 & Srimanta
Sankaradeva Kalaksetra in 1998.


Regional Painting Workshop by Manipur Arts Society, Imphal in
1993. Terra-cotta camp by Guwahati Artists’ Guild 1994.
Painting workshop by Gauhati Artists’ Guild 1996. “National
Friendship camp” by L.C.B. College, Maligaon 1997.
“100 Eminent Artists of Independent India” workshop by AIFACS,
in New Delhi, 1997. Painting workshop by Barpeta Road Kaka
Vidyalaya in 1998. “Painting workshop at the inauguration of
Srimanta Sankaradeva Kalaksetra 1998. “Painting workshop at
Srimanta Sankaradeva Kalaksetra 1999. Millennium workshop
by “Khoj” at Jorhat in 1999. “Calligraphy” camp by IIT Guwahati
& Gauhati Artists’ Guild in 1999. “2000 c.m long group painting at
Srimanta Sankaradeva Kalaksetra, 2000.
Painting workshop at
Governor House, Kohima, Nagaland in 2001 by E.Z.C.C. Painting
workshop at Dhow snmilan,
in 2001. Painting workshop at
Dighalipukhuri, Guwahati by Barua Memorial Trust in 2002.
workshop by Lalit Kala Academic at Jamshedpur in 2009.National
workshop at Panaji Goa in 2009.Regional workshop at Shilong by
Govt. of Meghalaya and E.Z.C.C. in 2010.



Received 9 Gold, 8 Silver, 3 Bronze Medals in University, Zonal,
National Youth Festival. First All India Drawing Biennale by Solids
at Chandigarh in 1990. Painting Section in “Fifty years of Art in
Independent India Exhibition at Guwahati by AIFACS,
ETC. “Junior Fellowship” by department of Culture, G.O.I. New
Delhi, 2001-2003.

Published Articles on Art and Editor “Chihna”, in 1993. Assistant
Editor of two drawing albums 1990 & 1995. Published at least 800
Illustrations in various publications.
Elected General Council Member, National Academy of Art, New
Delhi, 1994-1999.
Elected General Secretary, Gauhati Artists’ Guild 1999-2000.and

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