Dr. Ahmed Juma Al Riyami

National Committee: 

Current position: Dean of College of Applied Sciences- Ibri
Minor: Assistant Teacher of Social Sciences’ Curricula and Teaching Methods
PhD Degree on Philosophy of Education- Social Sciences’ Curricula from Education College at Yarmouk University
Discussing many Master theses in Education College- Sultan Qaboos University and Sohar College
Participating in many international conferences in the sultanate, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Qatar
Writing eight books in Arabic: Preparing Teacher in the Sultanate of Oman, Cultural Security, Globalization challenges and Education System, Examination Culture, Education and Awareness Development (Touristic- Political-Vocational), Traditional Omani Stories, Tourism Education in Oman, Blood and Tears and Human Straggle for Liberty, Fairness and Democracy.
Writing many papers in political awareness, touristic awareness environmental awareness, historical search skills, globalization and cultural identity, examination culture, teacher preparing program, cognitive development programs, using technology in teaching.
Winning The Best Research Award in the sixth forum of Oman Studies Unit under the tittle Al Aotabi Al Sahari International symposium.
The Distinguished Staff Member at Sur College for the academic year 2004

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