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Arminka is an Armenian born artist, now living in Somerset, United Kingdom. She was born in Yerevan in the Republic of Armenia in 1975. From an early age she noticed that she had a natural talent for art. She attributed this to the fact that she is the grand-daughter of famous international artist, Dmitry Nalbandyan, who was the officially appointed artist for the Kremlin during the period of the Soviet Union.
Arminka began by drawing cartoons and animal sketches. At school she enjoyed painting classes and studied Graphics. Later, at the age of 26 years, she studied on a part-time basis with Viktor Ohanyan, a professional teacher of Armenian art. She attended the State University of Yerevan from 1996 to 2001, where she obtained a degree in International Law. Following this she attended the Academy of the Republic of Armenia to obtain the obligatory Civil Servant qualification to enable her to work for the Armenian government.
Arminka married and moved to England in 2009. Here she has dedicated herself to producing colourful representational paintings in oil or acrylic on canvas. She likes to play with colour to produce paintings which reflect her life and her dreams. Her subject-matter is usually landscape, seascape, portraits or animals. Her particular specialism is the portraiture of dogs, for which she has had many commissions.
Her paintings reflect what her heart tells her about her surroundings and she often paints subjects which capture her interest at one particular moment. She paints to relax and to enjoy reality, which gives her a great sense of freedom. For her, painting is where the outside world meets with her emotional inner world to create a new external image, showing the work of the imagination.

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