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Connecting Hearts Globally through Art & Business Interventions

WAG International Artistic Organisation, Croatia, in Partnership with CKW UK Ltd, UK. presents CREATIVE ABI* - Peace through Art, Business and Profit

* [ABI -ARMMEd** Bridge Initiative]

**[ARMMEd - Artists and managers for Responsible Management and Mental wealth Education]

[CREATIVE ABI © Copyright Doctor MOJ @ CKW UK Ltd (2017). All Rights Reserved]


We are passionate through CREATIVE ABI about what matters to YOU, as an Artist.

We work with: Artists from these countries all over the world

We use Media such as this in our Creative Workshops:

Music to Wake U Up - Christina Peri - 1.33 min

Working together with CREATIVE ABI you CAN achieve whatever you want. BUT you have to believe in yourself and your ART.

Watch this video - ‘Heal from the Inside out’ - 0.33 min

What are the Benefits for you?

  • Benefits for HEIs - Higher Education Institutions
    • Collaborating and contributing to develop, through research, collaborative growth mindsets strategies about sustainable world peace through responsible management and mental wealth education
  • For CBs - Corporate Businesses
    • We work with your employees using arts-based leadership, business, management and mental wealth interventions. We are about how the arts can be integrated and absorbed within organisational life in order to make new forms of creative, efficient and effective mentally healthy organisations for you and your customers.
    • At CREATIVE ABI our interventions allows your staff to use both the Left and Right sides of your Brain - a holistic approach for a healthy and highly productive corporate organisation
  • For Artists, Leaders, Executive, Managers
    • CREATIVE ABI will work with you to create the environment for you to explore how the Brand called YOU could work with an international Art organisation to contribute to a community of practice commited to sustainable world Peace through Art, Business and Profit?
  • How are you going to get these Benefits? You reap what you sow.
    • Our commitment is to ensure you sow what you wish for!!
  • You get the Benefits through:
    • Workshops;
    • Art Colony;
    • Seminars;
    • Conferences.
    • We provide both online and face-to-face learning solutions experience
    • We discuss with you what suits you and your organisation. Our workshops are: practical; pragmatic, challenging, thought-provoking and FUN.

What do you see 3 or 4? Is it CONFUSING!!

This is an example of how we discuss how each of us see things differently even though we are looking at the same thing at the same time!! CREATIVE ABI helps us to understand that we are, NOT, always, wrong!!

For those who prefer qualifications at the end of their programmes, our programmes are internationally accredited and globally credible.

Our qualifications are accredited by the premier professional organisation for leaders and managers, with Royal Charter, in the UK, the CMI - Chartered Management Institute.

Here is a brief experience of our online 24/7 sophisticated blended Learning System, the MD - ManagementDirect. All registered Learners have access to the MD - 24/7. CKW UK Ltd has purchased a customized MD for your use.

Meet our International CREATIVE ABI Consultants

For more details about CREATIVE ABI - CLICK HERE (PDF)

Do the unthinkable - get real DEEP, find your inner self - liberate yourself.

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