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  • work with a classroom at local elementary or secondary school
  • put name of the school that will implement the project, with photo and website of the school (if they have) at https://www.facebook.com/WAGChildrenProject and to WAG HQ for website
  • Theme: myths gods or legends from each country
  • Category: painting / literature
  • Link class with another WAG NC that is participating in project
  • Create a 2-d or 3-d work based on their chosen subject under the category
  • Write a story, poem or song that goes with it
  • Digitally share your project with your selected class
  • NC's participating to put a copy of each class project in shared drop-box
  • Combine all digital outcomes
  • Projection screening at W​AG​ event

​(NOTE: ​If any new detail will pop up to make project even better, there will still be possibilities for that.​)​



To connect children* (*include disabled children) all over the world in the field of modern arts, art and culture.


To create activities for children* by art projects, in a framework of tolerance and acceptance of diversity and differences, concerning art and people.

Life, Person, Humanity, Arts, Education, Tolerance, (Sustainable) Development, Nature, Unity, Love and Freedom.

The WAG Association stands open to all States and people who respect Human Rights, regardless of skin color, ethnicity, religion, age, gender, sexual preference, social status or political persuasion.

WAG STATE​S ​​in project​:

Eugenio Zotta WAG Argentina eugeniomzotta@gmail.com
Jadranka Gros WAG Austria jadrankagros@hotmail.com
Xatira Xalilova WAG Azerbaijan xatira.mikael@gmail.com
Marcel Zongo WAG Burkina Faso mzesprit@gmail.com
Nina Sić WAG Croatia ninasic91@hotmail.com
Aune Mattila WAG Finland aune.mattila@pp.ine.fi
Daniel Okine WAG Ghana okai_daniel@yahoo.com
Anetta Tamás WAG Hungary molnarneanetta@gmail.com
Ingrid Rosas WAG Mexico atrosas@gmail.com
Adil Es-Safi WAG Morocco Van-gogh1@hotmail.fr
WAG NZ Family WAG New Zealand newzealand@wagames.org
Alhaji Ahmed WAG Nigeria nigeria@wagames.org
Bikkel Artist, WAG The Netherlands bikkelartist@outlook.com
Vanessa Garside WAG United Kingdom Vanessagarside1@aol.com

​COORDINATOR: Bikkel, President of WAG NC Netherlands


Dur​​i​​ng 2009​
​WAG HQ Gallery in the city of Osijek / Croatia​

Sales Exhibition​
​for "Home for education of children and adolescents - with problems", Osijek / items: art works from workshop - artists from Osijek and children residents of the "Home"
Sales Exhibition​
​for NGO "Association for Persons with Mental Retardation" Slavonski Brod / items: handicrafts of Children
from Club Regoč - day care center, part of the NGO

WAG CHlLDREN project – WAG HQ - Croatia

January 10th, 2010
Announced artistic and literary contest (theme Culture Olympics) for elementary and secondary schools of the Republic of Croatia, open till March 31th
was divided in disciplines VlSUAL ART WORKS and LlTERARY ART WORKS, further by categories by the age
elementary school 1th-4th classes
elementary school 5th-8th classes
secondary school 1th-4th classes
It was the Project with fantastic results:
we have made a strong promotion throughout Croatia
have registered to participate schools, students and their mentors / teachers from the whole state
for months we have been swamped with wonderful childrens art works from the whole country
we engaged Croatian painters and writers, professors, critics... in Commissions to choose best works
we organized in our Gallery in that-day's headquarters, in Osijek, big celebration with exhibition and reading of the best literary works, awards ceremony and socializing, on which came all the awarded students, their mentors and parents from the whole the Republic of Croatia
all that was the reason why the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Croatia awarded us with the patronage
few links, video from Awards Ceremony and one newspaper (open call):

WAG BURKINA FASO​ Children Project​:
Concour Artistique du Primaire de Ouagadougou - CAPO

April 23​ -​ April 30, 2014
Passage of WAG-BF in CAPO to support it with two specials awards prices.

OPEN CALL WAG Friends of the Children – WAG HQ​, Croatia

September 9th, 2014
WAG HQ wants to make schools a better place, and children an early age to show the diversity of cultures and bring them closer to the art and creativity.
We will invite WAG` artists from around the world to get involved in the project.
From possible WAG NC host and national partner in Project, we expect:

  • written confirmation of acceptance of the project
  • the name of the school that will implement the project (with photo of children in school - preferably with you / NC members, the website of the school - if they have)
  • WAG artists, all art disciplines, will be invited to send via e-mail the photo their art work or from performance, high resolution (painting, ceramics, sculpture, installation, textile art, photography, song / poetry, photos from performances - dance, music .....)
  • task of the host NC, as partner in project, would be to provide funds for the printing of posters, measuring 1 x 0.7 m
  • poster to the bottom should have a black line/field, width of 10 centimeters, containing in the left corner printed LOGO of WAG NC from which art work is sent, and on the right - stamped signature of the artist, in white

We expect your response and hope consent for partnership, so that we can start with the implementation of the project.
We would like every country to have at least one school FRIEND OF WAG.
Please send us, within one month of receipt of this notice, your answer - hope statement of acceptance of the above.
After this period, we will publicly announce a list of schools and invite all NC`s to send their art in electronic form, directly to presidents of the national committees of countries that have adopted the project.

It is possible to sign up for participation a several schools from one country.
For those who will involve in project schools from their countries: It would be beneficial if you reported your Ministry of Education about the project.


March 12th to 13th, 2015

NC WAG Morocco organizes its first Days in collaboration with the Delegation from Ministry of National Education in Taounate

The program activity contains:

Two workshops of plastic arts: Collage, Painting (public CYBLE pupils from 7 to 16 years)

Projections Educational courses feature films.

Exposition of paintings and debate on art and education.


The day started the crossbred of Thursday, March 12, 2015 with a workshop of painting and collage artist Painter led by Hicham Moutaghi native of Titouan and the Moroccan painter native of Romania Mouline Radia. 30 children were divided into two groups - two workshops from 10 am to 13 am. Opening of the workshops was given by Mr. Déglué the Ministry of Education in Taounate, attended by several personalities representing local authorities of Taounate province beyond.

After the Midi 16 am to 19 pm there was the projected Films and Short Film, followed by a discussion led by two stage directors. The films were given to student profiles children from several schools and Taounate its regions, age of 6 to 15 years.

Friday, an exhibition organized by WAG NC Morocco artists and artist friends. Opening of the exhibition was given by the Secretary General of the Governor De La Taounate province, in the name of the local authorities, in the presence of a very interesting public, important persons.

It must be noted: Morocco National Committee of the World Art Games Is not subsidized and does not yet have partners - we rely on our own way. Next year we will be at the height of the organized international activities.

All best,
Adil Es-Safi, WAG NC Morocco presidents


PROJECT “CHILDREN OF WAG” - World Art Games 2015, Bratislava, 2015 – The Netherlands

September 1th to 9th, 2015
WAG NL organizes in co-operation with WAG HQ a presentation and an exhibition at the 2th World Art Games 2015 in Bratislava. Students works of LentizRevius Lyceum, Maassluis, NL, were shown in the Basement of the City Library. Students (14 to 15 years) have worked on it in school during 6 weeks under the leadership of teacher Yvonne Larmené. After the project students presented their work to each other. At the first day of the World Art Games, September 2th, Bikkel, WAG NL president presented this Project "Children for WAG" with opening of exhibition and a powerpoint presentation.
September 8th, 2015, Bikkel, WAG NL president, was honoured with SPECIAL THANKS, for her contribution in promotion of WAG organisation. WAG NL Is not subsidized and does not yet have partners - we rely on our own way.

Bikkel, WAG NL president

WAG Children Project Exhibition “Mexico and Azerbaijan” June 9, 2016
Drawing and painting contest for peace June 16, 2017

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