Douglas Nicolas Zotta

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Douglas Nicolás Zotta was born in the city of Buenos Aires in 1989. From an early age he showed interest in painting and music. He was attracted to art and how the world is represented through the eyes of others. He exhibited his first works in oil painting in collective shows. He began his musical training at the age of 6, focusing on percussion.

His interest was harvested during his adolescence, and he developed much more when he decided to study in the technical school No. 13 Fernando Fader, which allowed him to access new techniques in plastic arts, especially in pencil and charcoal drawing. He graduated with the title of
“ Superior Technician in Advertising Promotion “.

He participated in musical ensembles under the auspices of the “Ministerio de Cultura de La Nación” (Ministry of Culture of the Nation). He exhibited works made in pencil, ink and charcoal in the Roca Museum in 2016. He also studied at the Universidad Tecnológica Nacional (National Technology University) graduating in 2015 with the title of “Técnico Superior en Negociación de Bienes” (Superior Technician in Negotiation of Goods).

Douglas lives and works in Capital Federal, but continues to specialize and focuses on realistic drawing techniques, landscaping and an abstract style of painting.

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