Olga Zhminko

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Till 2020 a self-taught artist, Olga mastered her craft through mindfulness and respective life observation as well as continuous honing of her skills. COVID-19 and the lockdown brought more focus on art in Olga’s life, including taking courses at Vienna Academy of Visionary Art and Vienna Atelier of Traditional Art to broaden the capabilities to express herself and create higher quality artwork. As of end 2020 Olga is developing under coaching of Michael Fuchs, the son of famous Austrian artist Ernst Fuchs.

Olga finds inspiration in the present moment, mindful way of living, as well as messages in spiritual literature.

Originally coming from Ukraine, Olga has moved to Vienna in 2016. Any artwork is a reflection of the artist's personality. Olga’s personality was formed by restrictive Soviet childhood, collapse of Soviet Union,  dive into religion while studying in a Christian University, raising her daughter alone, unstable environment of emerging country, two recent revolutions in Ukraine (Orange and Dignity), country being invaded by the neighbor, search for national identity, travelling around the globe, moving to her dream city in the world – Olga’s life story is a story of breakthroughs which made her an independent, free and strong individual.   

Since 2006 Olga is on the path of self-development: starting with reading psychological and spiritual literature and further going to esoteric practices and retreats. Once you step into the self-learning path, you never quit. At the end Olga believes that the true purpose of this life is to learn, to know yourself. Art has a meaning, a message going directly to the heart. A huge responsibility lays on the artist for the messages the artist reveals to this world; thus, for Olga self-development and painting go hand-in-hand.

The last 10 years were as a warm-up in terms of Olga’s development with painting (Olga’s core profession as a banker provided her with resources to develop in art). Olga’s preferred medium is oil; although she has tried other materials, oil takes her into the creativity flow.

In Ukraine Olga has done a personal exhibition and participated in collective exhibitions; Olga has also organized charity events where she would give her artwork for a good cause. Her work is all around the globe, mostly bought by her acquaintances in the US, Europe, Asia and Middle East.

Artist Statement:
Painting with oil is my meditation. It silences my mind, empties my heart from moods and emotions. I am still. From this serene presence creativity wakes up and finds its ways to express itself through brushstrokes. Through paint and brush I capture a snapshot of a specific interaction, a relationship, a moment, raising the viewer's awareness about constant dynamics of life. My artwork serves as an encouragement to follow a meditative flow, be curious, explore and question. There is no wrong answer. Be free and be here and now.

Selected exhibitions:
• Triptych gallery at Andriivs’ky descent (Kyiv, Ukraine 2015)
• Artist’s House (Kyiv, Ukraine 2015­2016)
• Transformation 2020's virtual exhibition of visionary art (US 2020)
• Vienna Art Markt (Vienna, Austria 2021)
• KreativRaum Gallery (Vienna, Austria 2021)
• crossart virtuel #2, Galerie SMEND (Köln, Germany 2021)
• Transition: Art for Regenaissance virtual exhibition by Vision Train (US 2021)

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