Sabira Mammadova

National Committee: 
NC Member

I was born in Lachin, Azerbaijan in 1990.I studied at Secondary School No 149 in Khazar District in Baku between 1996 and 2007

Since my childhood, I have had a great interest in painting. In 2010 and 2014 I completed a course of painting by a private tutor.
At the present time, think about getting a bacolour's degree of the Azerbaiijan Academy of Art.
In my art works, I mainly work about subjects related to human senses.

2010 "Fishes" Baku, Azerbaijan
2011 "Tourism", Baku, Azerbaijan
2013 "Call of Sarsang" Yevlakh City, Azerbaijan
2014 "The Day of Youth", Baku, Azerbaijan
2015 "Sattar Bahlulzadeh From Point of View of Young Artists", Baku, Azerbaijan
2015 "White Prints",Baku, Azerbaijan
2015 "Color of Sound", Baku, Azerbaijan

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