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Former President

Guido Drummond (1962), born Guido José dos Reis Junior, artist by vocation and entrepreneur by nature, has a vast, intense and varied artistic career that started with event management in Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil, where he lived in the 1980's, and where he designed and implemented a series of art projects and workshops for the community.

Art applied to event management gained new forms and proportions in 1995 when the artist started to live in both Brazil and Portugal, and manage his own event business. In about 15 years of art in the service of entertainment, among individual and corporate events, designed and manufactured from scratch in terms of ... literally everything from briefings of events, and original or adapted texts to settings, props and costumes, clients such as town authorities, shopping centers, public and private companies, banks and advertising agencies can be pointed out.

At the same time Guido Drummond experimented with other forms of creative expression: photography, screen printing, fashion design, and amateur radio, theater and film. But it was perhaps his face and bodypainting that made him most widely renowned through Roberto Machado's photo essay shot in the Pantanal, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil, animated embodiments of Luiz Xavier Lima's paintings at his Campo Grande vernissage, and Carlsberg's publicity campaign for UEFA Euro 2004.

Finally, in 2010, interior (re)design, a hobby cherished in private, materialized into an upcycling project called Lord Trash - Refreshing ... Things and Places, and a homonym exhibition in Lisbon gallery / shop Fabrico Infinito. The upcycler's première was also filmed for the Globo TV Internacional programme 'Here We Are'.

Since then his work has been positively reviewed in a series of specialist magazines for interior decoration, design and architecture. The artist has also received a number of invitations for new upcycling projects. As always, he listens to the memories of objects and spaces that have become obsolete by the effects of chronological time, technological change and social modification, and tries to give them a new opportunity in life through a process of aesthetic and functional enhancement. And eventually he turns them into unusual works of art which were, in August 2011, exhibited in BCT Design Store - Lisbon within its process of authored design offer diversification.

Guido Drummond continues to work in the space of Brazilian and Portuguese Lusophonia as a resident artist and one of the BCT Design Store - Brazil managers and owners. He combines craftsmanship and conceptual eclecticism, builds on the principles of sustainability and applies his creative force at the intersection of the aesthetically desirable, technically feasible and economically viable. And thus he fulfills his main objective, which is to work towards greater openness to difference and innovation, and better awareness and incorporation of human and aesthetic values, inherent to the construction of holistic relationships between people, objects and places.

Articles and reviews

Lux magazine, article 'Exhibition Lord Trash shows junk turned into art'. Text Nair Coelho, photos Ricardo Santos.

Globo TV Internacional, Programme 'Here We Are', televised in June 2010. Interview by Filomena Cautela.

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Caras Decoração, magazine for home decoration and events, Section 'Outstanding pieces'. The work 'Cows / Who's said all wisdom is crowd wisdom?' (a floor lamp and three chairs) was used in a partnership project with the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Lisbon, and referred in the article 'For one day / In the Chiado Museum, sui generis decorating objects gain the status of art and share the place with the permanent national collection of the Museum, for one day ...'. Text Manuela Freitas, photos Hugo Campos. Impresa Publishing, Paço d'Arcos, november 2011, pp. 30-34.

Caras Decoração, magazine for home decoration and events, Section 'Style and Concept'. Paula Ramada's production called 'Colour It' and Francisco Bento's photos suggest a series of objects for cheerful spring decoration, including the 'Chaise longue Alice by Guido Drummond, better known as Lord Trash, [...], in BCT Design Store. Impresa Publishing, Paço d'Arcos, March 2012, pp. 24-25.

Caras Decoração, magazine for home decoration and events, Section 'Redesign and Recycling', article 'Giving new value / The project Lord Trash – Refreshing Things and ... Places is made by Guido Drummond, an artist who transforms all sorts of objects into functional, or at least surprising pieces of furniture and decoration». Coordinated by Esmeralda Costa. Impresa Publishing, Paço d'Arcos, August/September 2012, p. 84.

Ritmurbano, website for cultural and artistic information. Interview by Iolanda Silva. April 2012.

TV Mais magazine, Section 'Real Cases' establishes a parallel between the use of junk in settings and props of the Brazilian soap Brazil Avenue and Lord Trash's work in the article 'Lord Trash – He transforms waste into art / Under the pseudonym Lord Trash, plastic artist Guido Drummond gives new life to out-of-use objects'. Text Moema Silva, photos Tiago Brandão. Medipress, Paço d'Arcos, April 2013, pp. 44-46.

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