Marcel Zongo

National Committee: 
Former President

Zongo Marcel - Mzesprit.
Visual artist; Businessman; Mzesprit Art Owner; National Referee training of Draughts games; Burkina Art Games Originator and WAG-Burkina Faso President.

Employment Experience & Educational Background:

In September, 2012 participated to the formation of SND (Service National pour le Développement) Burkina Faso.
In April, 2012 nominated by Peter Weisz as WAG NC Burkina Faso President.
In August, 2011 participated to the formation of Draughts games national referee by the Burkina Faso National Federation of Draugths games.
In November to December, 2010 participated of Burkina Faso National Day (Bobo 2010) as a painter of home decorator in the old and the new Presidency of Bobo.
In March, 2009 participated to the formation of entrepreneurship by CAE (Centre d'accueil pour Entreprise) of Ouagadougou.
In 2009 to 2011 participated in National championship of Burkina Faso Draughts games.
Since March 06, 2008 still now board member of BBDA (Bureau Burkinabé du Droit d'Auteur).
In October 27, 2006 certified by Bapion Michel ZIO of CNAA (Centre National d'Artisanat d'Art) as a artist painter.
In 2005 to 1999 Art work learning as: painting, graffiti, home decors, calligraphy; hip hop amateur singer and song-writer.
In 2002 to 1991-1992 studied in general school with third level of secondary school.


More knows in computer using.
Speak & write English and French languages.
Since Jun 05, 2009 still now, with permanently painting exhibitions in Excellence Hotel.
Since March 03, 2008 still now, with permanently painting exhibitions in Ran Hotel Somketa.
Since 2000 still now, more participation in the nationals festivals (SIAO, FESPACO, SNC Bobo, Ouaga Hip Hop, JAZZ à Ouaga, Fêt'Art and local Art exhibitions) as a participant and a artist.

Birthday and nationality:

Born in February 26, 1985 in Ouagadougou.
Burkina man.

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