Päivi Ihamäki

National Committee: 
Vice President

"Painting is like clear your mind," said Päivi Ihamäki. Creativity based on the architect's work, she has a millimeter, which she is trying to get rid of her paintings. Not a line in her work is not dragged ruler, arch and round shape rather daring run free.

Arrangements are important to her, material and color studies, technical training helps her manage space, but it is not for her an end in itself. Palette Knife bring noon to work with colors and shapes of freedom to the world, then the most important thing is the moment and the mood. She likes the colors, but his work is not a joy of color, rather subdued and thoughtful. If she paint a favorite color, her work would be blue.

Each work she gives a piece of herselves, and part of her memories. Making art is like revealing herself, and that's what it is. Topics may be of daylife, often behind them is a story or her own experience, which she wants to share. The topics she did not find, they are close, but the buildings she does not like to work. They are too close to her job.

Päivi admits to being curious and experimental, she tries gladly the same theme in different techniques. "It gives a new dimension to my work, 'she says. Bronze, she has found a great new challenge. Challenges fascinate her. "The material is in itself a strong, but in thousend degrees so delicate, success is not self-evident," she says. Numerous steps, diligence, and yet the result can be unpredictable - art.

Päivi Ihamäki currently operates as president of Europe Culture Association in Finland. She says it has received through the hobby of an entirely new friend to the field. Encouragement from friends, she recognizes the importance. We are different, we can see a difference in our environment, we feel and interpret in various ways, still belong together. Art is timeless, art is life.

Päivi Ihamäki, born 1963 Alajärvi, Finland
Architect, Visual artist

Virtain Taideyhdistys ry,
2010- 2015 President
Suomenselän Taiteilijaseura ry,
2015- 2017 President
Finnish Art Society
Finnish Artists
The European Cultural
Association, Finland
2017- President
Atherns Art
2014- Art Group "Four palettes'

International Exhibition for example
2015 International Exhibition of Jean Sibelius 150 years, Finland
2015 International Exhibition of National Epic of Finland 180 y.
2015 CACC Centro Arte Contemporanea Cittadella ’Oggi é tutto
molto strano’ Italy
2015 Tone International Art Miniature Exhibition 2015
Dhaka, Bangladesh
2016 Skandinavian Contemporary Art, Fogga de Málaga,
Benalmádena, Spain
2016 Europe Cultural Association & Finroart XXI Summer
exhibition ’Country life’, Finland
2017 Exhibition of Finland 100- years
The New York Art Connection, New York, USA

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