Päivi Mansikka-aho

National Committee: 
WAG Member

Päivi Mansikka-aho is a Finnish artists, whose paintings have spread all
around the world through postcards.
She has also written and illsutrated several books
Her main art is water colour painting , but also art printmaking has an
important role in her career.

Education :
The Master of Education

Artist organizations
Suomen taiteilijat—Finnish artists
Tuusulan taideseura ( nyk.KuumArt)
Kuvittajat - Illustrators in Finland
Finnish watercolour society

The paintings of Päivi Mansikka-aho have been used in the postcards of
the following publishers:
The Red Cross
Lions clubs of Finland etc

The holiday pictures of Santa Claus
Family tree
The kitchen of an illustrator
Pictures and texts also in other books.
Postage stamps
2006 Christmas posstamp of Åland,
pictures published also in other stamps
Texts and paintings to Foreign ministry of Finland to be used in
websites of Finland

More: medal , journal, games , internet pages, statues, serviettes, ex lib-
ris, texts etc..

International exhibitions:
2019 IWS International watercolor echibition
2018 ” Mis väri on sõprus” Räpina, Estonia
2014 ”Le Paysage Nordique ” ,Grenoble, France
2013 The 23rd Taiwan International Tea Expo , Taiwan
2012 ”The touch of holiness” Nerja, Spain
2011 The Exhibition of The European Watercolor Societes ”Sea and the

Solo exhibitions :
2021 The potrait of the soul
2020 Summer -Tampere
2019 Right dimension
2018 The Joy of life
2017 Finland 100 years”
2016 Summerday Tuusulan Rantatiellä
2015 The road to the sea Uusikaupunki
2014 ” the Spacious Heaven” Tampere
2014, 2013, ̈2012, 2011, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005
”Orienteering of Art” . Tampere, Finland
2006 ”The Same Heaven, the Same Earth ”
Tallin, Estonia
2004 ”The Spirit of the Christmas” Helsinki, Finland
2003 ”The Reflection ” Aland Isalnds
2001 “Towards the Sea “ Rauma, Finland
1999 “The Hey of the Summer” Kangasala, Finland
1997 “Toward the Christmas” Kangasala, Finland
“The Christmas Exhibition” Kangasala, Finland
Joint Exhibitions:
2021 Uudenmaan kuvataidejärjestöjen vuosinäyttely
2021 Suomen taiteilijat 52.vuosinäyttely
2020 Suomen taiteiljat 51.vuosinäyttely
2018 Suomen Taiteilijat 50 v juhlanäyttelyt
2017 Suomen taitieilijat ry 49. vuosinäyttely

Jenny ja Antti Wihurin rahasto 2016
Rafael ja Teresia Lönnströmin säätiö 1989
Otavan kirjasäätiö 2000
Vuoden 2003 Postikortin päivien taiteilija
Okka-säätiö 2004
Kuvittajat 2005, 2006, 2011 ,2013 , 2014 ,2016
Wsoy:n kirjasäätiö 2006
Freelanc graafikot 2008 , 2021

Art associations
Tuusulan taideseura ( nyk KuumArt) 2003-
Kuvittajat - The Illustrators of Finland 2004-
The Finnish watercolour society 2005-
CAF Christian Artists Finland 2006-
FOT 2005-

Work :
Artist since 1987
Teacher since 1990

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