Françoise Dubois

National Committee: 
Former President

She was born in Paris in 1951 but spent her childhood in Normandy where she’s been living ever since.

Master’s degree in English - Applied Linguistics (Caen University, Normandy)
CAELEP - French and English teacher’s diploma for Vocational High School
CAPES – English teacher’s diploma for General High School

Born to an artistic family of musicians, painters and creators, she grew up in a world where imagination – blended with fantasy – was as important as daily activities. Her current commitment belongs to the story of her own family and is entirely in keeping with her relatives’ sense of art and based on the strength of her professional experience.

With two professional musicians, she founded a non-profit organization « Folyfonia » that promotes art and culture.

The stories she writes and illustrates under the name « Ophicléide Claquebois » provide the bases for the creation of musical theatre shows and workshops - mainly for children from 7 to 14 – whose purpose is to find a common ground between language and music in order to develop a taste for arts and culture in general and music in particular.

She studied music theory and practice (solfeggio, violin, chamber music, orchestra) mainly at the Regional Conservatory of Music of Caen and she currently plays the violin in an amateur orchestra « L’Ensemble Symphonique Crescendo », and is the head of this non-profit organization.

Though she’s always been very fond of writing, drawing and playing music, she achieved a varied, meaningful and rewarding teaching career.

She started teaching as a French assistant in Bridgwater College, Somerset, UK, then back to France as a French and English teacher in a Technical College - « Lycée Technique Jules Verne », Mondeville, Normandy - then as an English teacher in a High School - « Lycée Charles de Gaulle », Caen, Normandy.

She also ensured the learning of English to young French children in a holiday centre in England, in a primary school near Caen and to psychology students at Caen University.

She dedicated part of her teaching career to the regional in-service training of teachers as a coordinator and a facilitator to help :
teachers share their professional experiences and try specifically adapted schooling methods for students with educational and social difficulties,
primary schools teachers enrol children with disabilities,
social workers improve their competencies for identification of early signs of school exclusion and develop a skills portfolio,
substitute teachers obtain their teacher’s diploma and newly appointed teachers get to know efficient teaching methodologies,

She participated in regional and national engagement sessions, focused on :
the development of innovative teaching methods and the production of teaching tool kits that increase motivation, retention and enjoyment in order to lower drop-out rates,
investigation and research on the status of substitute teachers,
social partnership and local development (vocational training centre, Regional Council, County Council).

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