Christina Seibold

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My passion is the urge to articulate the inexpressible in a graphic form.
Where spontaneity means knowledge, where creative touching and shaping personifies my passion,
that’s the point where visible tones and nuances become illustrative poetry.
Christina Seibold


For much more than two decades, Christina Seibold allows her digital graphics to assume their respective forms.
Indeed, she regards this method as the ideal means of portraying the visual poetry that lends so much soul to spaces.
Their density and their abundance of expression are fascinating, but they make neither an excessive nor an adversely intrusive impression.

Born on 30 March 1966 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, Christina found in the 90s the way to art .
The now 52 -year-old artist spends now the most time with her family and closest friends .
Christina is married and the mother of two adult daughters , simultaneously proud grandmother of a grandson and a granddaughter.

When she were asked how she came to be an artist, she grabs for the very suitable quote: " Coincidence is a mask of fate " .
Christina Seibold is a co-founder of the artist group ArSenu.
In cooperation with jewelry designers and sculptors, she developed an interdisciplinary project in which art prints, each corresponding to a particular piece of jewelry (beginning with the work “Expression”), were created. This artistic project was honored by the PININFARINA ADVANCEMENT PRIZE.
The reception within professional circles as well as among the general public was very enthusiastic.
Co-founder of the worldwide art project Artists for Freedom e.V.
Supporter of Acorn Art Gallery, London
Many thanks to Jacqueline von Odenburg for her great work!
“From small acorns grows strength, splendour and dignity” - Acorn Art Galleries
Member of "International Society of Artists" (ISA)
Member of German Synesthesia Society e.V.
Member of International Association of Synaesthetes, Artists, and Scientists (IASAS).
Member Circle Foundation for the Arts

Art Awards:

„Vielfalt Digitaler Kunst 2008“ for her art work "Hope"
Honorable Mention Winner of the DIGITALISM I 2008, New York for her art work "Hope"
Honorable Mention Winner of the On-line/On-wall Double Exposure 2008, New York, for her art work "unchained melody"
2nd Place Award Digital Realities, January 2009 ARTROM, Rom/Italy for "Sound of swinging symphony"
Honorable Mention Winner of the Contest of the Month October 2010 MOCA, NEW YORK with "ELEGANCE"
International Prize Castello Orsini di nerola "Artists at the Castle", Rom, December 2015
AVISKAR - Vang Gogh Award 2016, First Winner Gold in the Graphics Group, (Roymans Art Studio - Calcutta, London, Ankara)

Listed in „Who’s Who in Visual Art“ Vol. 2010-2011
100 Artists in Painting, GraphicArts, Digital Arts, Sculpture
100 Künstler der Medien Malerei, Grafik, Digitalkunst, Skulptur
MOCA, New York 2008 - 2009 (Donnie Contest and Exhibit)
MOCA: Museum of Computer Art, New York (Contest of the month October)
Book of the year Artists for Freedom 2012
20th Anniversary, New York 2013
The New Collectors Book, New York
Art Compass Vol. 2015-2016
Premio Internazionale Artista al Castello "Artists at the castle" (Orsini Castle of Nerola, Italy) December 2015


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