Emoh Rekerdz

National Committee: 

He is highly versatile, hard working, discipline and full of creativity.
Emoh is the missing link between Michael Jackson, Celine Dion and Bob Marley, when oldies pop convene with reggae and Soul, what do we have here? The answer is simple a classic inimitable sound.
With his deep baritone voice sweeping across the lower octaves, coupling it with a smooth mid range and a very high pitch vocals. He takes his audience on an unimaginable journey. Its marvelous how he sings keys with ease, he invents, twist and manipulate melodies, rhythm and groves in his performances, he has been called to heal the emotional needs of his listeners.
Emoh is prepared to steal your heart with his soothing groovy and passionate music, born and bred in Ghana (West Africa) had his primary at Datus, his secondary at Mfantsipim and travelled to the USA to further it.
Music has always been his first love, and he decided to make great sacrifices to pursue it. He abandon his talent to seek for greener pastures, but after a while in the states, schooling, working and running a business, he realized he has to follow his passion, he returned to Ghana and establish a recording studio and the rest is history.
He performed last year at AqualloFest, an event hosted in Tema in front of about 1000 audience and it was marvelous, he wild his audiences to a state of ecstasy and the ladies couldn’t stop shouting as he hits his incredible high notes. He had couple of dazzling performances at Foklex Media Awards, Pressure Pool Party, Bethel Baptist Church, Miss Obaapa Beauty Pageant, Kona Café, Republic Bar, Area Codes, Regys Pub, Assorted Fiesta( University of Ghana), Miss Unique (Zenith College) etc, anytime he grabs a microphone and do his thing the packed crowd are overwhelmed and as he sings the chorus the ladies starts whispering and others shouted for his attention, with so much experience and creativity he is always ready to present a great performance live and in the studio.

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