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Lela Gogou is a Professor of Sociology of Education, at the Department of Early Childhood Education and Care, University of West Attica, Athens/Greece.

PhD in Sociology of Education / Department of Sciences of Education, University Descartes/ University of Paris.

Thesis: “Function of Special Education Sections in Val de Marne / Paris. Integration or Segregation?’ («  Fonctionnement des Sections d’ Education Spécialisée dans le Val de Marne. Intégration ou Ségrégation »). A sociological approach.
Pre-Doctorate Diploma D.E,A, ( Master 2) in Philosophy of Culture, Department of Philosophy, University Paris I Panthéon / Sorbonne.
Master’s Degree (Master 1) in Sciences of Education, University Descartes / University of Paris.
Bachelor’s in Science Education Degree / University Descartes / University of Paris.
Bachelor’s in Greek and French Philology Degree, Faculty of Philosophy/ National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.
Research Experience: She was a researcher at the Center de Recherche de l 'Education Specialisée et de l' Adaptation Scolaire at the Institut National de Recherche Pédagogique, in Paris, where she conducted a Sociological Survey concerning the Special Education in France, funded by the French Ministry of Education. In Greece she has conducted sociological research in collaboration with sociologists on issues related to educational inequalities published in scientific journals in Greek and English language. She is a PhD Supervisor in the Sociology of Education.
Teaching Experience: She has taught Sociology of Education at three Universities in Greece: At the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, at the Democritus University of Thrace and at the University of West Attica where she is currently Professor of Sociology of Education. She also teaches at master's level and is a member of the university's postgraduate studies committee.
Research Interests: Her research interests focus on Social and Educational Inequalities, issues related to Education and Gender, Ethno-cultural Inclusion, issues related to the Education of the children of immigrants and refugees in Greece, Special Education and Inclusion, Poverty and Social Exclusion in Greece, the Sociological Approach to Childhood, Children's Rights, Social Relationships between School and Social Community, Freedom of Thought and Expression, Social Theory and Educational Research, Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods.
Publications: She is the Author of books in Greek language and Editor of two edited volumes in Greek and English language as well as a contributor to these volumes, by writing some chapters. She has published articles in Greek and International Scientific Journals as well as in Proceedings of Greeks and International Conferences.
Listing of Selected Publications
Gogou L. (2019). Family School Social Interactions. What do teachers say about parents? A Sociological Approach, Athens, Grigori, 247 pages (In Greek language).
Gogou L. (2010). The Understanding of Social Phenomena and the Perspectives of Social Research, Athens, Grigori, 455 pages (In Greek language).
Kalerante E., Giavrimis P., Eleftherakis Th., Gogou L., Nikolaou S.-M. (Edit.)(2020). Applied Qualitative Studies in Education, Cambridge Scholars Pushing (English language)
Gogou L., Kalerante E., Eleftherakis Th., Koustourakis G., Giavrimis P., Nikolaou S.-M. (Editors) (2020). Qualitative Methods in Education: Theoritical Reflections and Practical Applications, Athens, Grigori (In Greek language).
Kalerante E., Gogou L. (2020). ”Greek Higher Education Institutes’ young male and female students’ interpretative repertoire on the development and meaningfulness of their education” Chapt 1 in Kalerante E., Giavrimis P., Eleftherakis Th., Gogou L., Nikolaou S.-M. (Edit.)(2020). Applied Qualitative Studies in Education, Cambridge Scholars Pushing.
Kalerante E., Gogou L. (2020). The economic example in the definition of educational policies: Sociological reflections on the shrinking of the humanist capital in education, Journal Research in Sociology of Education (R-SocEdu), 1: 23-37 (In Greek language).
Gogou, L., Elefterakis, Th., Kalerante, E. & Giavrimis, P. (2019). Family- School Cooperation about Child- as Acting Social Individual Asian Journal of Education and Social Studies 3 (2): 1-13.
Elefterakis, Th. Gogou, L. & Kalerante, E. (2018). Globalization, Foreigners ’Social Integration into Western Multicultural Societies and Intercultural. Journal of Education, Society and Behavioral Science 28 (3): 1-11.
Elefterakis, Th., Gogou, L. & Kalerante, E. (2018). Exploration of Theoretical Forms and Considerations in Sociology of Education (1960-1990), Asian Journal of Language, Literature and Culture Studies 1 (3): 1-7.
Gogou, L. Kalerante, E. & Elefterakis, Th. (2018). School Failure Deterrence Policies in Respect of National and Social Differences towards Interculturalism Promotion. Journal of Education, Society and Behavioral Science 28 (1): 1-16
Nikolaou S.-M., Papa M., Gogou L. (2018). «Early Learning in Greece and Europe and Educational Inequality: Actions and policies against Educational and Social Exclusion», European Journal of Social Science Education and Research, vol 5 No1.
Nikolaou S.-M., Papa M., Gogou L. (2018). Social Inequalities in Times of Economic Crisis in Greece, Mocrothink Institute, International Journal of Science Research, vol 6 No 1.
Gogou, L. & Kalerante, E. (2018). "Extreme right-wing political expression in the school environment: Political interactive games in the microcosm of everyday interaction", Hellenic Journal of Political Science Review, 121-135 (In Greek language).
Gogou L., Kalerante E. (2015). «A social Approach to Students’ Viewpoints About the System of Entering Tertiary Education Based on a Research Carried out in Greece (2012 - 2013) ”Science Journal of Education 3 (2): 22-29
Kalerante E., Gogou L. (2015). «Senior High School Undergraduate Students’ Viewpoints About the Knowledge Provided at Greek Schools: A Sociological Approach », International Journal of Innovation and Research in Education Sciences Volume 2, issue 3, ISSN (Online): 2349 - 5219
Gogou L., Kalerante E. (2014). “Consideration and Meanfulness of the Educational Scientific Research: The explicit or implicit concealment of social classs”, Abstract Book XVIII ISA WORLD CONGRESS OF SOCIOLOGY. Facing an unequal world: Challenges for global sociology, 13 - 19 July 2014, Yokohama, Japan.
Kalerante E., Gogou L. (2014). “From the Educational Policy about Gender Equality to its Testing in the Labor market during the Greek Economic Crisis”, Abstract Book XVIII ISA WORLD CONGRESS OF SOCIOLOGY. Facing an unequal world: Challenges for global sociology, 13 - 19 July 2014, Yokohama, Japan.
Karakatsanis P., Gogou L. (2013). "Autonomy as a conductive component of socialization", Abstract Book XXIII World Conference on Philosophy on: Philosophy as research and way of life, Athens 04 to 10 August 2013, University of Athens, School of Philosophy – University (In Greek language).

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