Racheli Marty

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Racheli is a versatile artist, living in Ein Kerem, a very ancient village near Jerusalem. she lives in a partially antique house, that was rebuild and renovated by her.
Racheli loved painting and art every since she was a little girl. So after high school, she continued learning in ‘Bezalel’ - the high Academy for Art in Jerusalem.
Later on she decided to widen her qualifications, so apart of doing art, she learned interior architecture, and reconstruction contractor.
With all this skills, she started to build Villas for her customers, putting in , her love for art. actually for many years she used peoples spaces as a substitute for ‘Canvas’. at the same time she continued her art.
in the last few years, she developed a new special technique of working, by sculpturing on top of her paintings with ‘clay’, which gives the impression of three dimension.
Racheli is a member of Jerusalem artist group , called ‘Studia’ , and participated in exhibition like:

Israeli parliament – ‘Knesset’.
‘Hechal Shlomo’ - big synagogue in Jerusalem.
Tel Aviv-Ramat Aviv.
W tower- a prestigious building in Tel Aviv.
Jerusalem theatre exhibition as a tribute to the great composer
Beethoven , with his Moonlight sonata

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