Tami Meiri

National Committee: 
WAG CP National Coordinator

I studied in Holland 1979-1984.

Sculptor, creator and a teacher of sculpture and ceramics for over 30 years.

In the last years, I live and create in Tel-Aviv, Israel.
In my creation, I express 3 great loves of mine. Being a dancer for many years I am fascinated by the world of ballet, acrobatics and circus. in my sculptures, I give freedom to movement and body abilities, in this way I allow myself to continue dance and fly.

Literature and prose, takes me to magical places, introduces me to colorful characters, from other places and times, in sculptures I give, a visual expression of the written word, since many of my works are my own interpretation to the characters from the books.

In addition, another aspect of my work is devoted to the study of the use of clay in the ancient world. Everywhere in the world clay was used for ritual objects and daily use, they invented various techniques of fire and decorate the clay, make their own special effects, typical to the place and time. This reflection of history, through the work of material, fascinates me and ties me to my creative ancestors the primordial

Parts of my work I designate to bronze and different polymer casting. Other work I choose to leave in their ceramic state, for the special character of the clay and its technological options it all depends on the specific requirements of the sculpture.

My creations can be seen in various galleries in Israel and in privet colections

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