Bluer (Lorenzo Viscidi)

National Committee: 
NC Member

Artist of the Blue ... of the colors ... of the light
He is a painter (with oil colors - acrylics - and inks on canvas) He is a sculptor (plexiglas, Murano glass and
ceramics). He also creates luminous artworks. He did more than 200 exhibitions in Italy and in Australia,
Austria, Brazil, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Poland, Slovenia, Turkey, Hungary, United States,
He won the Biennale of "Saccisica" as a painter and the first edition of the Asolo Biennale l sculpture
He has participated in collateral events of the 52th Venice Biennale Arte and the 12th Venice Architecture
In 2011 he was invited to the 54th Venice Biennale - Italy Pavilion - Veneto Artists

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