Genmyo Miyano

National Committee: 
NC Member


Tensho Shogakuku Creative Classroom presided over
Tensho Shikaku Juku Unseen Instructor
Artist / calligrapher.
I am from Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture. I live in Tokyo. Graduated from Kobe Women's University School of Home Economics.
Learn a book from childhood.
Joined Osaka Branch of Todoke Machinery Co., Ltd. I transferred to the showroom advisor, then the Tokyo branch office. Leave the company after accessory development, rest room product planning, the same sales planning.
She is doing book activities in earnest.
(General Foundation) Studied under Mr. Akagi Tenshi, president of Tenshin Kai Ten book writing law.
(General Foundation) Studied under Mr. Katori Kotomi at the International Inkjetting Association.
Studied under "preschool BOKKOKU" president Ken Kaoru. Through ancient character art, students learn technique of big brush.
Master of Japanese writing · ink painting.
Currently, I learn skills to unveil an unconscious area from the script I learned from my childhood. Inner voice, and mastering to express its own view of the world, express the world in mind " Mother Of The Human Beings: Great Mother:. Great Mother "In Its Own World Of Black Ink
From The Solo Exhibition Of TEN × TEN In Kobe Habajo Town In 2015, He Directed The World View To The Installation (Space) And Currently Holds A solo exhibition group exhibition every year.

■ Winner / Exhibition (Book)

China Rice Writing International Law Exhibition Second Selection Winner Award

Xi'an Stone Forest Exhibition in China
2005 1st Danshan Book Law Excellent Exhibition Fu Shan Memorial Law Exhibition Excellence Award (Second Seat Gold Award) Xi'an Stone Forest Exhibition in China 2005 

Tensho Shogakuku Taiwan Chuumasa Memorial Hall Presentation Exhibition
Shanxi Provincial Museum Director's Award (1st Seat Award)

The 1st Tenshin Shogo Juku Juku Exhibition at the National Xi'an Stone Forest Exhibition
2009 in  China

2nd Kin Toshi Law School Exhibition at China National Xi'an Stone Forest Exhibition
China 1st Annual Face Makoto's 1300th Anniversary Museum Award (First Selection Special)

China 2nd Facial Mr. Sakoto's 1300th Anniversary Museum Exhibition Award (First Selection Special)

"Book and T-shirt" Exhibition (Czech Republic / Benatoki Castle Art Museum) Exhibit

"Italy Torino Samurai and Calligraphy" exhibition (Italy / Turin · Hotel NH Santo SteFano) Exhibition
Heart Art in KOBE 2014 ~ Successful formality beauty inheritance ~ Chairman's Prize Winning
Exhibition at the 4 th Tokyo independent board exhibition
6 th Shibuya Arts Festival Selected
Tokyo Exhibition of ceramics exhibition (Ueno no Mori) exhibition


Exhibition of Eve's stories Ⅲ (Ginza Artist S)
Jumping Art Exhibition (Ginza Artist S)

Tokyo Ceramic Exhibition Competition Exhibition (Ueno no Mori)
7th Exhibition "Calligraphy by Font of Origins in Torun City" Exhibition (Medieval City Museum of Torun Region, Poland) Exhibition
No. 4 "Kaigansa Shōnen Donkei" (Shaanxi Province, China Xi'an City Changan County Huashin Temple)

The 1st Annual Convention Exhibition Exhibition (China / Shaanxi Province Xi'an City "Kaida West City Art Palace") Invited writer exhibition

Exhibition of acupuncture and moxibustion and art "Art Eyes on Healing" exhibition (USA / LOS Crafton Hills College Art Gallery)

Ikebukuro Art Gathering 2017 Winning (Tokyo Arts Theater Gallery)

"Calligraphy" Exhibition of Japanese Calligraphy Artists (Italy / Milan · Circolo filologico Milanese)

The 4th "Kaigansa Temple dedicated dedication" (Xuan Temple, Chang'an County, Xi'an, Shaanxi province, China)


Installation of "Ikebukuro Art Gathering 2018 Book" installation schedule "Tenchi-kai" will be installed. (Tokyo Art Theater Main Entrance)

Ikebukuro Art Gathering 2018 Group Exhibition (Tokyo Art Theater 5th Gallery)

"Le Petit Festival du Théâtre Sun and Sunrise Country Japan" Exhibition (Croatia / Dubrovnik / Modern Art Museum Annex) Exhibition Invited writer Exhibition planned

■ Awards and exhibitions (ink paintings)
2011 international ink painting association public recruitment culture award

"Sumi and God Asia of diversity" Exhibition (France / Paris Paris City 4th District Museum Espas de Blanc et Manteaux) Exhibition
2012 International Inka Art Association Competition Award
2013 International Brailgraphic Art Association Competition Exhibition International Black Art Association Award

"Japanese SUMI-E" exhibition (Adamson Eric Memorial Museum attached to the Republic of Estonia / Tallinn / National Art Museum)

■ Activity history [solo exhibition]
2011 - 2013 

Female calligrapher three people exhibition "Ayumi" all three times (exhibition exhibition: Yokohama)

Itsuka star - Hiraku · Tadashi · Karasuu (STUDIO LIVE: Tokyo)

Three Women's Songs, Poems, Songs ~ Collabo Exhibition (Gallery Too Many: Tokyo) 

Genba Creation Exhibition "Writing the Inner Sea" (TEN × TEN Soil Hall Kobe) 

Genkai Creative Exhibition "Inspired by the Sea" ~ Inspire From Ses ~ (Tokyo)

Art of senses melody of mizuki "Mizuki no Uta" (Caffe Neutral: Kobe)

Genki Dramework Exhibition "Ichigami
Meikoen: Tokyo" Exhibition Kurohito "Heavenly Openings ~ Sound of Life of SONG ~" (Lowp: Tokyo)

The 2nd Genfer's Book Exhibition "Ichigami Meikai" (Ikegami Meikoen: Tokyo)

Genkai Book Exhibition "The Butterfly's Dream ~ KARISOME ~" (Architecture Hall: Tokyo)

· External activities
2012 Yokohama municipal elementary school "let's write ancient letters" outreach activity
2013 - 2015 Wisdom Academy Co., Ltd. Calligraphy Instructor (Tipness Miyazaki-dai)
2017 ~ International Inquiry Calligraphy Instructor (Zojoji Tokyo) * Calligraphy for inbound Seminar

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