Lena Kelekian

National Committee: 
Former President
WAG Org Position: 
Head of Department for World Cultural Heritage

Born in Beirut, Lebanon, an internationally renowned visual artist for her paintings in abstract colorful style, also specialized in painting and restoration of icons, frescoes and antique fine artworks and a well known environmental designer for embellishing cities in cut ceramic mosaics public artworks and monuments . Lecturer in Byzantine Art and as a geologist-mineralogist an expert in extracting natural pigments to use in tempera artworks. Owner of the Kelekian Art Gallery & Restoration Center. Curator and Concept developer of international art exhibitions like the International Flag Art (IFA), International Exhibition of Small Format Art (IESFA), Olympia Fine Arts Association 1st art exhibition of Sarajevo & Banya Luka, UK flag art exhibition & others. Organizer of Art Therapy workshops for traumatized children of war. Holds a B.S. in Geology (mineralogy) from the American University of Beirut, a D.S.T. in Theology, a Ph.D. in Fine Arts & Restoration and specialized in higher studies of environmental design in cut ceramic Antoni Gaudi style for embellishing cities with benches, monuments, walls, tunnels, public gardens & main city waterfront corniches that ornate many cities in the world. Since 1992, has had 14 private exhibitions & participated in 151 collective exhibitions, biennales, Salons in 46 countries. Has received 16 gold medals as well as many awards & distinctions, including the 2008 Beijing Olympics and the 2012 London Olympics Fine Arts gold medal representing Lebanon, the 'Createur d'Aujourd'hui'& 'La Toile d'Or' from France, the "Artiste de la Communaue Europeanne" from European Union & "1st Ecorea Biennale as ambassador of Art" & many others. Her artworks are in permanent display in 16 museums around the world. President of five cultural/artistic associations including the OFAA Olympia Fine Arts Association ( hdqtrs. Finland), FAM representative of Femme Art Mediterranee aegis UNESCO (hdqtrs. In Rhodes) and Acc. Greci Marino, National & Middle East president for Arts, Culture and Sciences, Italy and WAG World Art Games (hdqtrs. Croatia) & founder of MEADOWS (Mediterranean Endeavors Advancing Development of Widespread Sustainability).

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