Amalia Buergo

National Committee: 
Puebla City Coordinator

She studied BA Graphic Design at the Universidad Iberoamericana. Specialized in illustration, creator of the comic El Catre . 2008
Gestalt Integrative Psychotherapist , Master. Gestalt Institute of Puebla 2010.
School Gestalt Live Claudio Naranjo 2013 . Master's degree.
She teaches the Reality vs. Fiction workshop in the Art course at Maria del Rosario School for teenagers since 2005.
Within the Painting it has been developed in the technique of acrylic, in a figurative and abstract style . She currently works in Duermevela, house of alteration of habits, cultural space that teaches workshops of Literature, Painting and Cinema and of which she is co- founder. The Amalia Buergo studio was opened in 2008 and is part of Duermevela where the painter has taught painting and drawing workshops with live models. Her Thematic has focused on the body, the portrait and the comic. She proposes a plastic reflection that directs our gaze towards the grotesque and the monstrous, a reflection of the superfluous. The emotional converges with the social, the woman is a cartoon of what is established by the consumer society. Buergo fictionalizes the female body, deforms it to encompass a space that is suffocated by the model. Map and territory forced to live in a world of fiction.

She has participated individually and collectively in several exhibitions ;
- Gigantas, Prophetic house of reading, 2008 , individual .
- Liquidation , Bodies for Sale , Prophetic house of reading, 2009 , individual.
- Jazzatlan jazz & brewpub club , individual, 2010 .
- CDMX Etching Gallery, collective, 2010 .
- Impronta Lab , collective, 2011. Del Fabro Gallery , collective, 2015.
- The howl of the body, Babylon , individual, 2016 .
- Blackout , Galeria Lazcarro, individual , 2017,
- Ser Neobarroco , Baroque International Museum , collective , 2018.
* Creator Comic EL CATRE, 2012.
* Creator LE TOUR BICIOSO 201 5.
- ARTPLA collective exhibition, 2015 , 2016,2017,2018,2019. Talavera of the Queen.
- People Intervention on the Touribus Citytourister , 201 7. INDIVIDUAL.
Elements, collective exhibition gallery Valquirico. 2017
-Coach , Valkyrie. 2018.
-Comic workshop , REALITY VS FICTION, María del Rosario school, 1 bac h . 2018-2019. It continues to be taught.
-Autoart La Vista, country club 2019 . PEOPLE
-Besing House, Puebla 2019 . PEOPLE
Illustration is in the Santa Muerte Book, Titilante editorial 2018 . Madrid Spain.
-Cover of the book Toxica(s), publishing house Librosampleados 2019. CDMX
-Jazzatlan Capital, SALBUTAMOL, individual exhibition 2019 . CDMX
-Fundación imagina México, MULTIVERSOS , collective exhibition 2019. PUEBLA.
-VanGogh art gallery. Collective exhibition. 2019. Madrid, Spain.
-Consulado de Mexico en Nueva York. Exposición colectiva. Noviembre-Diciembre 2019. NUEVA YORK.
-Iconic Expo , DON'T BE SQUARE . Individual Exhibition CCU PUEBLA 2017
-Art3f Brussels. Collective exhibition . Brussels, Belgium 2019.
-Artfest Puebla. COLLECTIVE Exhibition with THE WHEEL . 2019.
- Histeria. Collective exhibition. Artbase Puebla. 2020

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