Daniela Perez Verdía

National Committee: 
NC Member

Was born in Mexico City and grew up in Guadalajara Jalisco from an early age. After a personal history rich in contrast, it is born in Daniela a desire to serve others, to further peruse her personal development and the search for life’s meaning. Through that journey, she became convinced that we are all in this world to leave something behind and to contribute even if a grain of sand of positivity.

Through her life and work, she dedicates her time to contribute to human growth and development both at a personal and professional level.  She has found, through the study of Tanatology, Personal Development and Spirituality, resources to enrich her work with others, her service and how to best help them through their own journeys.

Pedagogue, Businesswoman, Driver and Promoter of Art and Culture. She is the creator of spaces, workshops and exhibitions that promote the values ​​that inspire her. She is also an Art Curator. She has been accomplishing her objectives for over 10 years through the management of an important number of art events, projects and social work. She is currently enrolled in studies related to Cultural Management at the Casa LAMM.

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