Esdras Castillo Valencia

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Photographer, born in Merida, Yucatán, being the third generation within a family of photographers in the last 80 years. I am dedicating myself to the photography from the 2007, and in the 2010 I specialize in photography of Architecture, social and landscapes.

In Architecture I discovered the proportions and depths between spaces and subjects. The control of the lights and shadows basic principle of photography is the day to day of my young career. The creation of an architect from the imagination something tangible refined the techniques of observation for the search of "perfect photography".

I decide to create my own destiny by enhancing the art of light with all the knowledge acquired from my profession and my family showing images of all the natural and cultural richness of my native land, thanks to this I have traveled through Mexico and the world opening doors to all place that I visit.

At one stage of my process, I created "La Silla Roja", a 1: 3 scale wooden chair installation that I placed in urban spaces and commercial plazas as part of my promotion as a photographer; "I never imagined the scope of the installation on its own." My first exhibition as a visual artist came shortly after, accompanied by my father, entitled "Tuukul Perspectivas Mayas", where we presented 36 pieces with landscapes of Mayan archaeological zones.

I think that my photographs are like a window to the past, present and future; since I capture the moment that will remain in the memory of the present and will help to preserve those wonders in the future.

My works have been acquired by several collectors in Mexico, Germany and Switzerland. Recognized as one of the most outstanding contemporary Yucatecan photographers, today my mission is to continue to amaze the world with my captures.


"Tuukul, Mayan Perspectives" Convention Center Siglo XXI, Merida Yucatan, April, 2014.
"Tuukul, Mayan Perspectives II" Convention Center Siglo XXI, Merida, Yucatan April 2015 -Nov 2016
"Esencias de Mi Tierra" Palace of Sports, Yucatan Week in Mexico, Mexico City, April 2016
"Essences of My Earth" Offices Representation of Yucatan in Mexico, Mexico City, May 2016 - Present
"Temples and Mayan Gods" Library, INAH Delegation, Merida, Yucatan Jun 2016 - Oct 2016
Collective "Mexico through SCT Works" 32 States of Mexico, Yucatan, Jun 2017

"Yabucu" and "The Ark" 4th World Art Games, Slavonski Brod August 2017

"6 Photographers" Yucatan Visual Art Center, Merida, Yucatan Oct 2017

"Artist Without Borders by Malena Peon" Plaza Perisur, Mexico City, Feb 2018

"Celebrating International Arts and Culture" Creative Innovation Centre, UK, Dic 2018

"Mayan Shadows" Merida International Airport, Merida, Yucatan, jan 2019


Golden Medal Photography 4th World Art Games Croatia 2017

Best Photo of the State Yucatán "Mexico through SCT Works" 2017

1st Prize, Jury Award Category, Oris #GoYourOwnWay Photo Competition 2018

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