Ingrid Rosas

National Committee: 
Co-president + WAG CP National Coordinator

My search as an artist is a spiritual search of truth, using mixed media and poetry to approach the inner images. That came to me as a way to express. My work is being mainly a tribute to the ones I called martyres of injustice after September 11, then war I made a series called “Golden blood of martyres” with a series of poems that I exhibited in. Florence Biennal, then One exhibited in Roermond Holland dedicated to my country Mexico, my new series called Spes ei (Hope) in latin is dedicated to the injustice that we live again in México recently exhibited in Broadway Gallery in NYC.

I love painting since early years of childhood being able to have a degree in La Universidad Iberoamericana in Mass media and a Diploma in La Salle University in Art and Art History. I’m member of International groups as DIN A4, Terra dell’arte, and participated in International Biennals as Florence, Italy, Arad, Rumania, Chapingo, México etc. Exhibited widely in Canada, USA, Cuba, Holland, Germany, Spain, Italy etc. My work includes a poetry book named “Between Heaven and exile”, Essentia, theather plays such as “Alba” “Esperanza” etc. two conmemorative Murals for Jesuistic Schools in León Guanajuato. México among others in Institutions

Ingrid Rosas is a Mexican abstract artist[1] born in León, Guanajuato in 1967. She has launched expositions in New York, Germany, Milan, and all over Mexico and has appeared in NY Arts Magazine. She is part of the group DIN A4. She was initially recognized in New York for her method of writing poetry on her own paintings. Rosas has also launched a poetry book titled entre el cielo y el exilio (Between Heaven and Exile). She also has worked on a mural in the school Lux, representing doves as the students. She has launched many collections such as Spes ei, Catharsis and others.

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