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Mexican song writer and singer.

Luis Felipe Avila González, 36, born in Merida Yucatán, México on April 30 th, artisticly known as Luis Fe.

He is a guitar player and song writer.

He studied Graphic Design as a major, but is a very deeply devoted to music.
He plays a wide variety of music, such as Rock pop, Latin pop, Cuban songs, Yucatan trova, and Regional Mexican Music and more genres.
He has been in the music industry for the last 20 years. He has an outgoing and charming personality and his fresh style and stage presence is remarkable for over his same age music colleges both on trova pop and latin pop.

Very frequently Luis Fe writes love songs and songs that describe woman's personality.
His hits are wide-known - as example "A mi medida", "Sin ti", "Bienvenida soledad" and "Ella es".

At the beginning, he studied in a workshop for writing popular songs with the international Mexican songs writer and singer Sergio Esquivel.
Luis Fe went to Cuba to study, classical guitar, latin percussion and singing, at The Habana Music School.

As an artist who is able to write and sing his own music he can stand on a stage, or in a side of a public park with ordinary people as well as on a stage with a big audience. And now he is always open to receive any invitation to sing anywhere on the world.
He has been invited for several times in the last 9 years to sing in a local TV program called "Calle 60".

He has been part of a local music groups and has been invited to open the show of well known Mexican artist, like Edgar Osceransky, and the International Sonora Santanera Band, and more.
His presentations has been hits with top audience in other national places as in the cities of Orizaba and Ciudad Mendoza in Veracruz state, in Cancun Quintana Roo, and Mexico city.
In his native city Merida, he has participated in the University festival called PAAX, in 2014 the foundation for the historic center of Merida organized this festival.
For over two years he participated in the teather workshop for the benefit of kids with Down Syndrome called "Ayelem".

Abroad Mexico, Luis Fe has been part of The World Art Games (WAG), in Montenegro, an European country in 2016. And he won a medal in the category of Music.
During WAG he had three presentations, one at Podgorica city, and two in Sutumore city.
In 2017 he fill the place on his presentation in the "Musik Summer Artland" in Germany. He create a great impact as a music revelation on this festival.
Next , he is going to Croatia: Zagreb and Slavonski Brod, the host city of the 4th World Art Games.

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