Malena Peón

National Committee: 
Co-president + WAG CP National Coordinator

Mexican artist from Yucatán 120 joint exhibitions, 25 individuals. 15 years ago she founded "Malena Peón Fine Arts”. Represented México in Vienna during the festivities of the Crown Hope in 2006. Donated her collection "Chichén Itzá: world wonder" when it was designated one of the ten wonders of the modern world in 2007. In 2008 presented the exhibition "Adventures in Chichén Itzá and Uxmal" in homage to Catherwood. In 2009 present the individual exhibition "Where is your brother? Socially Responsible?"

Peón was also selected and participated in the International Biennale of contemporary art in Florence, Italy in December 2009. 15 years ago, Peón began organizing and promoting national and international artist, this exhibition have been presented in galleries, hotels, social clubs, private business and government cultural centers. In 2009 she organized the 7º year of "Between earth and sky", which included 150 artists from around the world that live in Yucatán. This exhibition was the inaugurating exhibition of the Mexican Bicentennial in Yucatán earlier in September. It was presented by the Cultural Institute of the State of Yucatán in the Gallery of Theater Peon Contreras.

In October Peón exhibits in the Broadway Gallery NYC in New York City. The exhibition is exclusively for the exhibitors of the Biennale of Florence.

During the Art Basel Fair Art, Malena Peón participates at Nina Torres Gallery in Miami in December 2010, The Gora Gallery in Montreal and LuminArt Gallery in Dallas 2011.

London 2011 was the World Tour Exhibition of Contemporary Art organized by Nina Torres Gallery in September.

Vivid Arts selected Malena for the ARTOUR-O Florence 2012 Temporary Museum of Contemporary Art Auditorium al Duomo and for spring 2012 the "Earth Vortices" International Art exhibition in Castello Estense, Ferrara, Italy.

Malena Peón won the fourth place with her painting "Liberty, essence, fly, Firenze" to be in ARTOUR International Magazine.

The ICA publishing invited Malena to be part of the volume V of the International Contemporary Artist. ( The Art TOUR International publishes the work of Malena Peon in the cover of the January 2013 edition of its magazine by winning the first among several artists in the World, sharing with the Colombian artist Fernando Botero whose work appeared on the cover. The online publication has over 300 thousand visitors from around the world. (

The Mexican Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Yucatán A. C. awarded Malena Peon with the Developmental Merit Award for lifetime achievement of Cultural artistic.

Malena Peon participated in the International Biennial of Contemporary Art in Miami 2013 with her piece "Frida meets Velázquez”, selected to participate during the Art Basel at the Red Dot.

In 2014 Dallas’ Fashion Week Voces Magazine invited Malena to bring some of her art collections to the Runway. “NY & Miami Art Collection”, “London Tea en el Tate” y “Malena Paints Elizabeth, Frida meets Velázquez” were presented by Models who wore hair accesories speciallly designed by Fashion designer Gertrudis Abdala.

Artist's statement

Having been painting for many years Mexican artist Malena Peón transforms natural landscape into jubilant shades and tones that merge effortlessy on canvas. Refreshing and liberating, this contemporary artists work transports viewers from the white cube cold of the gallery to a fantasy where nature's beauty is at its pristine condition. A dexterous painter, Peón takes inspiration from her surrounding, her cutter and the modern world. Her work celebrates the birth of every living thing. Her medium varies from oil to acrylics, chinese inks. Whatever the material, Peón always manages to convey her individual moods and emotional effects through her multicolored imagery. Her latest pays a tribute to her land, where warmth, passion, and life thrive through the romantic touch of her brush. With her Expressionistic brushstrokes, Peón constructs a euphoric atmosphere that envelopes viewers and elevates them to a state of serenity and joy.

Nature inspires artist Malena Peón. Landscapes are rendered in vibrant hues and tones on Peón's canvas: luscious grass, azure sky, winding paths, or tall-standing trees. Each image is life lived to the fullest the same energy can be detected in her Abstract Expressionist paintings. Bold sapphire, mind yellow, passionate red, and a mixture of rainbow palette, combined with blithe brushstrokes, construct a buoyant world where the everyday becomes a festive carnival, and forgotten histories turn into a poetic prophecy. "Chichén Itzá: world wonder" look almost like it is about to rise from the two-dimensional surface while "Where is your brother? Socially responsible?" depicts a politically and socially intelligent scene with flamboyant color blocks and shapes. Ingenious and intuitive, Peón portrays life in its finest detail in her layered paintings, each brought into being with tints and shades magnetic and galvanizing.

Transparent layers of paint gracefully sweep through her works, unifying them in an atmosphere of a warm, light breeze Through the constant pairing of opposing tones , a strong sense of light comes to life in the artist's body of work. The binary play on light shades next to that of much darker, deeper shades accentuates the lighter ones, creating highlights and a definite mood theta set the tone for nearly all of Peón pieces. In accenting certain areas of light, there also subsequently results in sections of shadow. In asserting both these characteristics, the artist's paintings take on a dramatical and theatrical feel, like the intensity of a stage's lighting .

Similarity to the lighting, which presents such a powerful influence to the viewer, the texture incorporated into her pieces, as well, is able to convey such an extraordinary amount of emotion.. In soft wisps certain areas lend themselves to a translucency. This allows the paintings to preserve the visibility on the layers underneath these thinly formed strokes, a quality that plays upon the visual motif of light in all of her works. In both the application and palette of Peón's work there is an unwavering concentration and devotion to the formal components of composition, as well as the defining elements of painting.

By Suzie Walshe, executive editor NY Arts Magazine & Art Fairs International.

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