Es-Safi Adil

National Committee: 
President + WAG CP National Coordinator


2013-2014 - Diploma in "The management of cultural projects" within the Tea Festival-Art

Edition 8 °; framed by Mrs. manual Debrinnay-Rizos of The Ecole Nationale Supérieure

Theatre (ENSATT) to the

2009-2010: Diploma in the field of film photography center .

7th Fez language training

2000-2003: Graduate university German - Volskshochschute Goppingen Hohenstanfenstadt ,

painting and practice.

2002-2003: Certificate of the Association of Marocco - German technical cooperation.

(Theme: Course foundry molding and casting.)

2001-2003: Member screw secretary general of association of visual art teachers in


1999-2000: Some college, first year general philosophy, University of Paris X.

1995-1956 : Master's level teacher '' plastic art '' .

Professor of visual arts since 1994

1994-1995: Review of output (CPR)

1992 -1994: Training in Plastic Arts in Education Centre (RPC) Marrakech.

1991-1992: Some college, the first year in French language and literature, University of Fez,


1990-1991: BAC, Art Plastic


2013-2014: Founder and Presidents Committee: National - Morocco - Word Art Games

2013-2014: Appointed Ambassador of The Danish organization Bomb peace in Fes-Morocco

2007-2008: presidents of the Association Circle Plastic - Fes

2004-2005: Owner of Atelier Bleu de Fes. Ourika - Marrakeche

2002-2004: Owner Workshop hassnaa AL - Ourika Marrakeche

2003-2004: Member of the founding congress of the association " Moltaque of Youth and

Development " Fez


2013-2014: 2nd Prize of the 1st edition of Biennale 2014 -Taza Taza - Morocco.

2011-2012: Bronze Shield 1st Meeting / Forum Artists Plastic Arab Cairo - (Cairo Egypt)


2013-2014: 2nd regional exhibition of Plastic Arts Gallery Mohamed El Kacimi, the

Cameleon Association of Plastic Arts -Fez -Morocco.

2013-2014: 1st edition of Taza Biennale 2014 - Taza -Morocco.

2013-2014: Exhibition "Evasion" Collective Gallery to Mohamed Drissi Tangier, Organized


2013-2014: Group Exhibition "Artist Solidarity" at the National Library of the Kingdom of

Morocco in Rabat as part of a charity organized by the Association Against All School

Dropout; under the theme "Art against school dropout"

2013-2014: 1st Edition Festival: Spring Of Fine Arts Fes - Fez A'marat Association -

2013-2014: 8th - Windows - National Meeting of Plastic Arts Association State-Tamesena -

2013-2014: 12th Edition Fes Festival International Plastic Arts

2012-2013: 3rd Edition Festival International Plastic Arts Tanager (Tangier Association of


2012-2013: 11th Edition Fes Festival of International Visual Arts

2011-2012: 1st Meeting / Forum of the Arab Plastic Artists - Cairo (Cairo Egypt)

2010-2011: 2nd Edition of the International Festival of Visual Arts Tanger (Tangier

Association of Arts ) .

2006-2007: fresco Elbhalil - Sefrou and Tite Mlile , ATVC Association Fes

2003-2004 : Second meeting Med El Hoceima

2003-2004 : Group exhibition , royal -Marrakech theater. (International Exhibition of

Plastic arts).

2003-2004: Group exhibition gallery blue ex -Marrakech (International Exhibition of Plastic


2003-2004: Group exhibition, tourist -Marrakech (International Exhibition of Plastic Arts) .

2003-2004: Group exhibition, theater royal- Marrakech (International Exhibition of Plastic

Arts.) .

2003-2004: Solo Installation, Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University , Faculty of Science

and Technology ( Fez)

2002-2003 : Group Exhibition . (Gallery Lasafiote - Safi ) .

2001-2002: Solo exhibition at the gallery Bab Doukala Marrakech

2001-2002: Group Exhibition Theatre Royal Marrakech, associations of art teachers


2000-2001: Group exhibition at the gallery Doukal Bab Marrakech.

2000-2001: Group Exhibition, Faculty Association of Plastic Arts in Marrakech ( Marrakech

tourist office . )

2000-2001: Artistic Partner of the IVG group Vosges.

1999-2000: Group exhibition Hagia Say France.

1998-1999: Group exhibition Hagia Say France (lounge gav).

1997-1998: Group exhibition Hagia Say France (lounge gav).

1990-1991: Fresco Fondouk American Fes.

1989-1990: Peace Games in Fez.

Experience and competence Artistque

Painting .Decoration .Design .

Direction and Management of Artistic Projects.

Sculpture - Cast and Casting .

Computer Graphics - Photographer .

Education: Framer Plastic Arts Workshop decorator.


Word processing (Word) , Excel , Internet.

Native Languages: Arabic .

French: Bilingual .

English: medium .


Reading , travel, music , running , aikido .

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