Jules Hunt

National Committee: 
Former President

My name is Jules Hunt and I am a NZ born, Wellington based artist. I have an eclectic range of creative interest's- sculpture, photography, installation, mixed media & bronze work through to marionette making, just to name a few!

Predominately what drives my creative interest as an artist is process and materiality. It takes you on a journey into the unknown, you never know where the process of exploration and discovery will lead you- but most certainly it will be off the beaten track, and I really love that.

Photography is a medium I both enjoy and rely on as an artist, at times it is the only evidence of my work or the discoveries that I make in the process, and at times the image is stronger than the work itself.

I feel I have always struggled with drawing and painting, so I have recently been exploring these areas, experimenting with using non traditional drawing tools and creating materials to read as paint.

I like to participate in opportunities with the public that enable access to the arts and have been involved with many creative projects in the wider Wellington community.

I am inspired and influenced by artists such as Richard Sera, Eva Hesse, Fiona Hall and Louise Bourgeois, all artists inspired by the art of art-making.


2012 - Advanced Diploma in Art & Creativity – The Learning Connexion School of Art & Creativity

2012 - Eco Echo Gallery – Exhibited

2011/2012 – Red Roof Gallery – Exhibited

2011 – Yebo Art Gallery "Check Mate" Group show

2011 – Luna Group show – Thistle Hall

2010 – Fire Sculpture "Seasons" – Petone Winter Carnival

2009 – Festival of the Elements – Junk sculpture symposium

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