Maxine Edwards

National Committee: 

My name is Maxine Edwards and I am a NZ born, Wellington based Printer & Painter.

Working in the Commercial print Industry for many years meant it was only time until I explored these skills in a more personal and creative way.
Print has many varied processes which have their own unique complexities and outputs. Mastering the process and the many variables, and utilising the specific uniqueness of that process provides the greatest interest for me.
Relief printing is my current practice, exploring a variety of materials for the plates eg. wood, plastic, assembled materials and photo sensitive plate, all providing a result unable to be replicated by another material.
My themes are around community, environment, people.....particularly my own community.
What makes it distinctive and identifiable? Who are the people that live in the neighbourhoods, how do they interact with the community.......
a subject that could never be exhausted.

2011 NZ Art Show Solo panel – TSB Arena – Wellington
2011 ‘Impressions I’ – Odlin Gallery – Lower Hutt
2012 NZ Art Show Solo Panel – TSB Arena - Wellington
2012 ‘Summer’ exhibition - NZ Academy of Fine Art – Wellington
2012 ‘Impressions II’ – Odlin Gallery – Lower Hutt
2012 – A Spontaenous Affair –Pop up group show – Farsite Gallery – Petone
2013 - NZ Art Show Solo Panel– TSB Arena – Wellington
2013 ‘Impressions III’ – Odlin Gallery – Lower Hutt
2013 ‘Pablos Art Auction’ - Massey University - Wellington
2014 –‘Landscape’ – Matchbox Gallery - Wellington

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