Elfi Sverdrup

National Committee: 
President + WAG CP National Coordinator

Elfi Sverdrup first of all works with experimental jewelry and singing. Her main materials within jewelry are leather covered with colored metal leaf and modelled celluloses combined with both contemporary and natural materials. She works with jewelry as an expression, not just as a body ornamentation. Since 1989 she has had numerouos exhibitions in Norway, but also in other countries. She was educated at Oslo National Academy of Arts 8 years, within metal and painting.

As a singer Elfi Sverdrup uses multiple expressions. Since 1977 she has been working with several northern vokal traditions: Norwegian folk singing, throat singing from Mongolia and Tuva, Inuit women throat singing from Northern Canada and Sami joik , working with the best masters of the different traditions. The last years her main focus has been making improvisations mixing the different styles. Through the years she has had lots of solo performances in Norway, but also in Finland, Iceland, The Faroe Islands, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Turkey, Kroatia, Italy and Bosnia. Her last works are combining jewelry and song.

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