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Tsietsi Elgin Mashashane is a renowned Educational Training and Development Practitioner, Rail Transport and Operations specialist, Law Student, a DJ, Music Producer and an Artist. He has worked within Railways Transport and Operations for over 10 years driving trains. This afforded him the opportunity to climb the corporate ladder as an ETD Practitioner responsible for empowering young people entering the railways operations environment with the necessarily skills and knowledge. Qualified in Labour Relations matters and having worked as a Union representative. He is a qualified Facilitator, Assessor and Moderator in specialized fields of expertise. He holds a Diploma in Law and currently busy completing his LLB degree.

Tsietsi or “DJ Shashi” known by those who follows his music as a down to earth humble and passionate professional when it comes to art and culture which is rooted in his DNA from as far back in high school days. He vividly remembers obtaining third place in his home Limpopo Province (South Africa) after participating in the Herbert Evans Art competition. He furthermore was awarded gold after his sterling Revue stage performance during the Eisteddfod competition. The list is endless from winning athletics short distance competitions to participating in ballroom dancing competitions and events organizer. Tsietsi is currently sitting as a board member of the Art Eastern Cape (ARTEC) Port Elizabeth to promote Arts through exhibitions locally and abroad.

Tsietsi under his stage name “DJ Shashi” has been tirelessly working with young and upcoming Artists from various impoverished backgrounds by affording them an opportunity and a platform to showcase their natural talent through art. He has so far produced songs from his home recording studio with some of the underprivileged youth for free of charge.

You can find some of my work on YouTube channel under:
Tsietsi Mashashane “DJ Shashi”

My vision for WAG is to promote the everlasting burning fire for Art and culture by touching people's hearts from different background throughout the world.

“Love, Peace and Prosperity to all”

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