Kim Mee Loo

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The basic frame of my works is in line with drawing techniques of paintings. As the calligraphy or oriental paintings express with a line, I take forms of finding images by bending or beating metals such as steels or stainless steel. At this time, the main expressions are expressed in lines rather than mass and try to maximize their visual effects by adding an object of living rocks or coloring on metals. It is true that my early works could not escape from the strong fixed idea to graft the meeting of stones and steels consciously. So, they were evaluated that the content looked too laborious and heavy and people said "It seems like looking yourself" and I felt the same way. To escape from the atmosphere like this, I got interested in materials like dances, exciting, etc. I liked western dazzling dances and dynamic and aggressive B-boy's dances suitable for popular music, but I was impressed by the people who enjoyed in the rhythm of traditional instruments I saw when I was young. It was our tune contained human feelings in their lives and came to me like a posture of 'Han' of a possessed. Now, I am trying to have light and cheerful atmosphere out of previous heavy feelings by inspiring spontaneous and exciting materials such as a farmer's folk band, mask dances, and rope dancing to my works. I also would like to work in a series about thrilling moments and vivid beautiful poses of dances and sports.

Name: kim- mee loo
The year of one`s birth:1961year
The place of : Gyeongju-si
Phone number:+82-10-9372-4645

1995 M.F.A in Sculpture Department Dong-A University, Pusan, Korea
1988 B.F.A in Sculpture Department Dong- Eui University, Pusan, Korea
(2003~2014) 5times an individual Exhibition
2007 Gyeongju Expo Nature Art
2009,10 Geochang International Sculpture Symposium
2011 Boryeong International Sculpture Symposium
2014 International Sculpture Festa 2014(Seoul Art Center)
2015 Exhibition of Korea Fine Art association
2016 Enveronmental Sculpture of Gyeongju Bridge
2017 Enveronmental Sculpture of Gyeongju North River in Otter
2019 Enveronmental Sculpture of Gyeongju North River in Turtle
2020 Photozone Sculpture of Downtown in Gyeongju City
2021 Enveronmental Sculpture of Hwangnam Bridge
in Gyeongju City
2015~2022 Exhibition of Gyeongju Fine Art association
Address: (postal code : 3 8 0 3 5), Huenheim Apartment 111-dong 303 ; 23-59, Dong
san3-gil, Cheongbuk-meon, Gyeonju-si, Gyeongsan
buk-do, Republic of korea.

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