Kim Sun Heui

National Committee: 

sun heui-kim Curriculum vitae
1972 Born in Gyeon Gju, Soth Korean
1992 admission to the Department of Art at Dongguk university
1994 start pottery(porcelin factory)
1996 Graduation to the Dopatment of Art at Dongguk university
2000 Acquiring a master's degree in art Euducation at Keimyung university graduate of Education
-a study on the popular symbolism of the blue flower
-a white porcelain pottern in the late Joseon period (a paper presentation)
2001 Learning "Panjanjil taryum" in earthen ware(onggi) making method
1996 'SUN' meditation Design
2007 Established 'JANG-GOL' pottery(make indepedently rice jars with "panjangil taryum")
2011 change the name craft shop 'SE-OH'
1996 Shilla Art Award(Special prize for western paing)(south korea)
1998 Daegu In dustrial design Award (special prize for pottery)(south korea)
2000 Pveongwha Art Award (excellent award for craft)(south korea)
2014 International contest Jeoniljeon 'International Art Award'(Japan Tokyo)
2013 Art Gyeongju Solger Art Marketplace
2014 korea Wave Art Greece Exhibition(Greece)
2014 Tower Modern Times Woman Artist Exhibition(Busan, south korea),)
2014 Korea Art Culture Society Totall Alliance Gyeongju branch the south Korean. China sisterhood relationship exhibition
2014 Natural Music, Scent Exhibition (Busan, south korea))
2015 '2015' Milano world EXPO Commemoration the south Korea of today Exhibition (Italy)
2016 south Korea, Japan Art Exchange (Usa city, Japan)
2017 Seoul Plastic Art Fair(COEX,south korea)
2017 Japan Modern Association Invitation Exhibition (Tokyo, Japan)
2017 Blue Hotel Art(Busan,south korea)
2017 Seoul Art Show(COEX,south korea)
2018 Seoul International Art Expo2018 (COEX,south korea)
2018 World Art Dubai (DUBAI)
2018 Seoul Plastic Atr Fair(COEX,south korea)
2018 2018 with Art Fair Song Do(south korea)
2018 China Import and Export Fair complex Guangzhou

Current : A member of South Korea Arts Association, Gyeongbuk Greative Artists Association, an Shilla Craft Association
MANAGE SEOHOO (making potter experience possibility)

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