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Vanessa Garside, MA BA PGCE, Vice-President (International Communications), World Art Games & Culture, UK

Vanessa Garside brings relevant experience and vital cultural knowledge to the activities of WAG n C UK (World Art Games and Culture, UK). As a former WAG NC UK President (2011) Vanessa successfully led the UK team to participate in two Art and Culture Colonies in Croatia at Osijek and Vukovar. WAG NC UK had a prominent presence in Izmir, Turkey, where WAG NC Turkey organised a very successful international WAG Annual Conference with over 30 nations represented

Vanessa has also established, for the WAG NC UK several links and membership with many Art and Culture organisations, which include, for example - Arts Council of England; the South West of England Visual Arts; Creative Somerset; Situations; Society of Scottish Artists,;; to name but a few. Under the umbrella of the WAG HQ who has always arranged Art and Cultural events, Vanessa since, 2011, has had her art works exhibited in Croatia, Kosovo, Turkey and Hungary. This experience is a vivid demonstration of how WAG International art and cultural activities can and do provide global exposure for the work and products of WAG members. These very significant and rare membership benefits are only available elsewhere at a substantial financial cost.

One of many relevant former roles excellently executed by Ms Garside was as an Arts Events Co-ordinator while a Lecturer at Richard Huish College, Taunton, Somerset, UK. The role was esssentially about promoting a programme of music, dance, film and cultural visits nationally and internationally. Countries visited during these projects were key places of cultural interests in Germany and Spain. Vanessa has also successfully directed. several theatrical productions involving student and adult performers

Vanessa said, “I have always been interested in helping young people to achieve their full potential and also concerned to give them a good experience of all the arts, which have given me so much pleasure. One of such activities was the talented young writers competition for students from Somerset and Devon, UK - The Brunner Creative Writing Competition which was organised by Richard Huish College for several years. As a Creative Writing Tutor for 33 years, I had the honour of acting as an External Judge for this competition. Specifically, while I was a Lecturer at the Richard Huish College, Taunton, UK I learnt the importance of strategic forward planning, running an efficient organisation, providing student support, and leadership for high quality performance. Throughout my teaching career I have achieved 100% pass rate from all my students”.

For Ms Garside, when it comes to Talent Development, ‘Charity Begins at Home’. Vanessa is the mother of WAG NC UK’s young and talented honorary Medical Adviser and member - Dr Alex Amphlett
Vanessa, (currently aspiring to become a CMgr -, is a graduate professional educator who has over 35 years’ experience and a focussed interest in the Arts, Language and Theatre. Vanessa was educated at three of the UK’s top universities – Bristol, Newcastle and Southampton Universities. Ms Garside has an above average information communication and technology capability. As Vice-President (Arts & Culture Communications) she brings relevant problem solving and team working skills as well as the readiness to fit into a global organisation and work with artists and people of different culture, race and beliefs.

Vanessa’s multi-language capabilities (English, Italian, Spanish, French and German) will be an asset to WAG International and contribute significantly to achieve WAG’s global objectives and aspirations. Specifically, Ms Garside is well positioned, working with the other Vice-Presidents to lead in one of the three main strategic directions of World Art Games & Culture UK (WAG & C UK). While our focus is the development of talent and the stimulation of creativity, innovation and change for both young and mature individuals, able and disabled artists and culture development practitioners. We are also very much about CONNECTING HEARTS GLOBALLY, improving and promoting health and well-being for a happier life locally, nationally and in a global context through the arts and culture.

Cultural Tourism is the second of WAG & C UK’s initial focus. WAG & C UK will use cultural tourism to promote the value of the arts and culture. Through this activity we will enhance as well as deepen the community’s understanding of the impact of arts and culture here in the UK and within a global context.

Ms Garside, a Director with Stress Concern International, Ltd UK and an International Languages Business Consultant with CKW UK brings a much needed arts and culture development processes to the WAG International family. We are delighted to have Vanessa with us to lead the Cultural Tourism aspect of our strategy.

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