Agnes Mupariwa

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Agnes Mupariwa was born on 4 November 1968, in the rural parts of Domboshawa in Zimbabwe. Whilst she is proud of the way she grew up, though not exposed to much of the ‘wow’ factor of the other side of life, Mupariwa remains the most proud individual of background, to which she claims it made her the woman she is today. Agnes went to Chogugudza Primary School when she was young. After primary school she did her ordinary level (O’ Level) at Parirehwa High School. At a later stage she moved to Chitungwiza. She drifted about seeking a job but she never found fulfilment. She then started a s a stone washer. In 1998 the artist, whose ability to transform raw stone into polished stone sculpture endorsed her to collectors, joined the Chitungwiza Art Centre, Agnes inspiration grew deeper. She came in contact with other prominent local artist such as Fanizani Akuda then it all became clear to her that art was her future. Agnes Mupariwa works in a male-dominated atmosphere.
Her work and Influence
In 2000, Agnes saw the bright light f art as a profession, soon after completing her apprentice in Chitungwiza Art. She recalls the light it brought in her life having to live her dream. Through introspection, she realised abstract stone sculpture with a fusion of post modernism is her tunnel of interest in the art world (field).

“As a visual artist, I believe it is my duty to partake on the tremendous journey that many have embarked on, the journey to solve a social issue and change the world at large, not by many features on my artworks , but a glimpse that catches the eye of the observer”

Initially as her career commenced, Agnes took different types of stones, styles and techniques until she found herself into the circles of abstract stone sculpture, to which to which she later discovered that a fusion of abstract stone sculpture and post modernism was to her destiny

With her mastery of post modernism art movement, Agnes has allowed herself to venture in all sort of sculpting, executing her endowed talent. Such a mixture of different vibes makes her one of the outstanding Zimbabwean, contemporary woman artist. Though she specialises in sculptures like abstracts Agnes has defied the odds, by not limiting herself to the restriction of one particular area, but exploring different types of sculptures to produce marvellous sculptures that could almost resemble utopia, something which anyone who appreciate art would agree with.

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