Agnes Mupariwa

National Committee: 

Artist Sculptor from Zimbabwe

With her mastery of post modernism art movement, Agnes has allowed herself to venture in all sort of sculpting, executing her endowed talent. Such a mixture of different vibes makes her one of the outstanding Zimbabwean, contemporary woman artist. Though she specializes in sculptures like abstracts Agnes has defied the odds, by not limiting herself to the restriction of one particular area, but exploring different types of sculptures to produce marvellous results that could almost resemble utopia, something which anyone who appreciate art would agree with.

Achievements and Exhibitions:

2000: Hannover Expo (Expo 2000), Germany
2004: In Praise of Women Exhibition, Harare Zimbabwe
2004: National Gallery by the African Millennium Foundation
2005: Foundation for the Young Women Sculpture Award, National Gallery by The African Millennium Foundation
2006: The first National Competition for Young Women Sculptors, Franchaise Hotel, Zimbabwe
2007: 2nd Price for Originality and Creativity, Decade of Achievements Competition and Exhibition, Guruve Limited, Zimbabwe
2012: Completed Task in the workshop about product Development Modelling and Nordic Design by Fair Trade, Denmark Fair Trade

2015: Arts Exhibition, Chitungwiza
2017: Awarded Honorary Award at Brock Sculpture Awards, Artistic Africa, Chitungwiza Zimbabwe
2018: Women National Art Gallery
2020: WAG Zimbabwe NC President

“As a visual artist, I believe it is my duty to partake on the tremendous journey that many have embarked on, the journey to solve a social issue and change the world at large, not by many features on my artworks , but a glimpse that catches the eye of the observer”

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