Silvia Autore

National Committee: 
Vice President + WAG CP National Coordinator

Contemporary Artist Argentina.

Extensive artistic and teaching training. Member of the Committee on Culture - of the Prestigious Mother Entity - Argentine Association of Students and Graduates of Fine Arts - participates as a jury in numerous exhibitions. Jury of the Prestigious Sociedad Argentina de Artistas Plásticos SAAP. Organizes artistic exhibitions.
Professor of Fine Arts. Professor at the Higher Level of Education, dictating the following Chairs: Art History, Scenography, Applied Drawing, Aesthetic Expression, Design and Morphology and Visual Arts.
Professor of Art: Intellectuals, Mental and Physical in Deaf and Hard of Hearing, dictating Workshops of Painting and Sculpture to children with different capacities.
Instituto Superior del Teatro Colón: Theatrical Characterization 1 and 2.
Exhibits in: Buenos Aires Design Recoleta , Fantastic Art. Exposes the Serie Malvinas in the National Museum Roca. Recognition of the Institute of Historical Investigations.
The Paint Jury gives her a prize in Painting in the Latin American Art of the Bicentennial in Borges Cultural Center: Honorary Heritage Award, Tribute, Artistic Palettes from Argentine Association of Plastic Artists.
The Recoleta Phantom dairy mentions her Atelier.
Multiple reports in Radial, Written and Television Media on the Different Capacities subject.
Exhibits on the Artistic Theme in the report Belgrano Radio (AM 630), “We are capable” program, as well as Clarín magazine from the same diary: “ Canvas of Digital Texture “ Workshops of Silvia Autore, among others.
Project approved and made for the Book from the Author to the Reader ” Graf Graffiti “, Book Fair Exhibition, Buenos Aires, Exercising Creativity.
Exhibits in the book: “ Actual Argentine Art “, with text by César Magrini, art critic from Borges Cultural Center; “ Argentina in the Art “, with text of Silvia Pelegrini, critic in art from Borges Cultural Center; “ Argentine Art Celebrates the Bicentenary “, with text by art critic Daniel Pérez; Exhibits in the book: Euro-American Art, International Book Fair, Buenos Aires.
Exhibits in the International Exhibition of Latin American Art of the Bicentennial with headquarters in Buenos Aires, Borges Cultural Center.
Exhibits in the yearbook of Argentine Art of the National Museum of Fine Arts as will as the 2nd International Meeting of Argentine-Brazilian Art at the Maritime Museum of Ushuaia.
Selected by the International Scientific Committee to exhibit at the “Biennale Internazionale Dell' Arte Contemporanea” of Florence, Italy.
Exhibits in the book: The Present of Argentine Art, Its References, Institutional Editions, Gallery of Fine Arts, Fine Arts Gallery, Borges Cultural Center, Art Critic: Julio Sapolinik.
Exhibits at Artexpo International New York, USA, The Mosaic Proyect, Art to the South, Latin American Art Worldwide Sponsored by: Modern classical Art Modern And Contemporary Art Fair, Argentine Art Yearbook, Pier 94 On The Hudson River.
Selected to Exhibit in Classic Art, 8th Exhibition of Modern and Contemporary Art, Costa Salguero Center, Buenos Aires.
Exhibits at the International Meeting of Argentine Art - Brazil - Art Gallery of the Argentine Consulate General - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; In the VI Yearbook of Argentine Art with Latin American artists. Declared of National Interest - Presidency of the Argentine Nation (Resolution 1352) Presented at the Ministry of Foreign Relations, International Trade and Worship. Buenos Aires.
Gallery Nights, International Gallery, Buenos Aires, Exhibits at MEEBA – “Museum Night” Events.
Selected to exhibit, Carrousel Du Louvre. Lounge Art Shopping - Musee Du Louvre,Paris, France.
Participates as seminarian on the theme: The Lost Wax, its application to the casting of metals, dictated by the Master Sculptor Antonio Pujía -
Exhibits SAAP - Argentine Society of Plastic Artists; the 1st International Biennial of Contemporary Art in Argentina - Borges Cultural Center - VII Art Yearbook; Fundación Cariló – Pinamar, Buenos Aires; In Galleries of , La Boca neighbor, Argentina and Quiroz Museum, Entre Ríos Province, among others.
Exhibits: “ Argentina 200 Years “ Equity SAAP.
Organizes two shows as member of WAG Argentina in the Roca Museum during year 2016.

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