Art and Peace

Saturday, September 1, 2012 (All day)



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Event for WAG, ART and PEACE.

Invited are all NC's, artists and all good willed people from all around the world.

Description: Come to Create together during guided meditation for the Peace, by Tami Epstein

Come and join us! Said Tami Epstein, president of WORLD ART GAMES Israel, who invented a unique technique to fulfill wishes through art.

Creating during the guided meditation, by many at the same time, has enormous power to promote peace! All professions and religions - are invited to attend a special experience - for peace - at the same time with friends from the international organization WORLD ART GAMES. You can create with the instructions of the link from your homes, or be with us in Israel. The evening will begin at 20.45, shared meditation at 22:00. Please check your country time when in Israel it is 22:00. The evening is in celebration of the organization where companies 56 countries in 14 categories of art. On this evening we will explain about this amazing organization! Let's create together a reality of peace! Let's celebrate the peace! Energy will bring peace. Please spread the link to this event! Thanks and love Tamar

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