Connecting Hearts - Art Auction & Social

Saturday, April 11, 2015 - 13:00 to 20:00

Real Good Grub, 494 Riverdale Ave., Windsor, ON N8S4B7


Dear Media Partners please join us in kicking off the 2015 World Art Games - Canada fundraising campaign. This Fall the bi-annual Games will be held in Slovakia, and the 2017 Games will be held in Las Vegas. You can learn more about this emerging global arts phenomena at the main web site

As many of the founding members of the WAG Canada are from the Windsor-Essex region, WAG Head Office in Croatia is recommending the 2016 National Committees conference Games be held in Windsor. With artists from 30 + countries participating this would be a great opportunity for Tourism Windsor Essex & Pelee Island to get behind.

The primary function of the current fundraising efforts are to (i) continue raising awareness of the World Art Games locally, (ii) help pay for it's national Not-for-Profit Incorporation and registration as a national Charitable Organization, (iii) as well as to send 4 representatives to Slavokia to the 2015 games.


In keeping with the Theme of the 2015 Games of "Connecting Hearts", as a secondary function of this fundraiser and social, the World Art Games - Canada is partnering with a grass roots neighborhood initiative in West Windsor, aimed at planting a memorial tree, with a plaque and bench in honor of a prominent J. L. Forster Alumnus (Ann Goulette) who died of breast cancer, as a single mom April 1, 2013 (with a 10 year old surviving daughter). The initiative also is endorsed by the prospective J. L. Forster Alumnni Foudation and the Bloomfield House ( a recipient of round one funding of the city's Arts Culture and Heritage funding).

Ann's "West Side" Story"

Ann passed away very suddenly, April 1, 2013 - 8 days before her 50th Birthday. Ann was born April 9, 1963 and raised in West Windsor, as one of 6 siblings, mainly in their longtime residence on Rosedale St, practically located between her grade school (St. Francis) and highschool (J.L. Foster Collegiate). A once prestine neighbourhood that looks more like a Harlem slum these days, much to the chagrin of her peers.

With regard to the later, Ann was an avid Forster Spartan, who participated on numerous Student Council committees and Sports Teams. Most noteably she was a member of a few notorious WSSA and SWOSSA Cross-Country championship teams from 1978-1981.

Following in the footsteps of her eldest sister, Ann also went to the University Windsor and became qualified as a teacher. However upon graduating from the Uof W in early 1990's, she moved out to Vancouver to join his baby sister Carol, as did other members of her family. While there she owned and operated a very successful store vintage resale shop called Ann Echo, and she also gave birth to her only surviving child Ella-Nya (10 years).

Although she returned to visit family and friends annually, Ann never returned to Windsor to live, and ultimately made her home on the Sunshine coast of BC, just north of Vancouver. When she passed away, although her family respectfully placed an Obituary in the Windsor Star also, many of her close friends in Windsor were not able to travel to Vancouver in time to pay our final respects to her. While many of her new friends in Vancouver were able to celebrate there, as did some in Windsor, when her friend Todd passed away shortly thereafter, many of her childhood friends were not aware of that celebration until afterward.

Thus this is yet another event to celebrate her illustrious life well lived near and afar. While this event was originally going to include feature a video presentation of her numerous memorable moments, and spoken tributes by friends, coaches, teachers and fellow athletes, that portion of this memorial camapaign will now take place at Malden Park the following weekend April 25-27th/'15 - with further details to follow on the facebook event page.

This location was selected as a memorial site, because Ann's Cross Country team often ran the hills there when it was still used as a city dump, before being turned into the park we know it as today. The event is being co-sponsored by the World Art Games - Canada national committee and Good Grub restaurant. Ann absolutely loved art and cared deepley for under privileged children, to which many WAG Canada activities and programs will be directed and would no doubt want to support this worthy cause. Items donated for the silent auction would be greatly appreciate. Details for submission or collection of these items are to follow ~


Please contact Kim (226)344-6693 / Email :

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