Exhibition and presentation of WAG Argentina

Wednesday, June 1, 2016 (All day) to Saturday, August 6, 2016 (All day)

June 1st, 2016 & August 6th, 2016

Museo Roca, Buenos Aires, Argentina
(supported by the Museum and the Ministry of Culture)

WAG Argentina presents the first and second Exhibition of the Arts made in the facilities of the National Rock Museum located on Vicente Lopez Street in the heart of Recoleta Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. Recoleta is the beautiful place of art. In his tour we find the National Museum of Fine Arts. The Recoleta Cultural Center. Palais de Glase. The Museum of Decorative Art. Among others. Place of great artistic movement and very valuable for its architecture. The artistic event was curated and organized through the integration of different artistic manifestations. The first artistic event featured a visual exhibition of works of art integrated into the spaces of two floors of the Museo Nacional Roca. They were integrated with medieval melodies, medieval and sacred music on piano and the voice of the singer. Works of art are congregating with spaces, the environment, the visual, the sound rhythm, the vos, figurative images, abstraction, sculpture, engraving and its core axis was sacred art. Then the piano and the classic played by four hands by two artists consertistas. The second Exhibition of the Arts was held on the two floors of the Museo Nacional Recoleta Roca and the performing arts were merged into a warm climate of integration of the arts.
The poetry achieved fusion with the melody of the musical instruments, the voice and the painting on different supports, the canvas that was fused with the painting of the painted bodies made by graduated artists of the majestic Teatro Colón. The theatrical characterization, poetry, Medievala in the scenic and in the dance, the human characters that through the characterization came from the painted canvases and the drawing, everything was harmony.

The exhibitions were also interactive with the viewer and the artists made the spectator participate in workshops.
1st "Exhibition of Arts WAG Argentina" and 2nd. "Exhibition of the Arts WAG Argentina" In these two artistic events, the subtle ethereal musical notes and the magical rhythmic combination of forms, colors and volume merge.
I send attached the photographic material, videos and fliyer advertising and catalogs of the two artistic events of WAG Argentina.

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