Meeting of WAG NC Azerbaijan President with the President of Azerbaijan Youth Foundation

Monday, September 2, 2013 (All day)

AZERBAIJAN, Baku - Meeting of WAG NC Azerbaijan President, Khatira Khalilova, with the President of Azerbaijan Youth Foundation, Faig Gurbatov

After the first successful meeting, where Khatira Khalilova introduced WAG organization to Azerbaijan Youth Foundation Under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, emphasizing the 1st World Art Games, participants from Azerbaijan and and question of sponsorship, second meeting were organized with the President of AYF, Mr. Faig Gurbatov.
In the second meeting, organized after the 1st Games, festival held in Croatia, present were Mr Faig Gurbatov, Gunel Ravilova and Lala Agaeva, Azerbaijani artists, and Khatira Khalilova, President of WAG NC Azerbaijan. Discussed were our impressions and results of the festival, international importance of WAG Organization in the field of culture, plans for further cooperation and participation of our country in festival.

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