MOROCCO, El Kelaa des Sraghna - “Geography Pictorial" WAG Morocco Exhibition, part of the 11th Night Galleries

Wednesday, November 16, 2016 (All day) to Wednesday, December 7, 2016 (All day)

As a part of the 11th night galleries, celebrated by the Ministry of Culture, Galerie Des Arts Des Sraghna kelaa organizes the exhibition "GEOGRAPHY PICTORIAL" In partnership with the National Committee of the Organization World Art Games - NC WAG - Morocco.
Event brings together an important artistic diversity, with the participation of over twenty artists from different Moroccan cities. The exhibited contains: paintings, sculptures and photographs will enrich the cultural field of the city and the region.

The Participants Artists
- Fatima Zahraa Cherkaoui Artiste Photographe Belgique
- Hakima Janah Artiste Plasticienne Canada
- Sanaa Chedal Artiste Cinématographe / Photographe Larache
- Souad Sbibi Artiste Photographe Marrakech
- Abdel karim Bentato Artiste Plasticien Tétouan
- Abdelali Kaddari Artiste Plasticien Fès
- Abdeslam Nouar Artiste Peintre Tétouan
- Adil Es-Safi Artiste Plasticien Fès
- Azdem abdeslem Artiste Plasticien Casablnaca
- Aziz Benja Artiste Plasticien Tétouan
- El Bakkar Abde Rezak Artiste Plasticien Taounate
- Elayachi Lamkadmi Artiste Plasticien Larache
- Kamal Essoussi Artiste Plasticien Tétouan
- Karim Amssirou Artiste Plasticien AL Hoceima
- Karim Kharebaoui Artiste Plasticien Tétouan
- Mohamed Akkouh Artiste Plasticien Tétouan
- Mohamed Bakkour Artiste Plasticien Casablanca
- Mohamed El Farkchi Artiste Plasticien Marrakech
- Mostapha Benlbgar Artiste Plasticien Marrakech
- Nouri Noureddine Artiste Plasticien Tanger
-Youssef El Hadad Artiste Plasticien Tétouan

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