Musiksommer Artland 2017 - Badbergen Langen, Germany

Wednesday, June 14, 2017 (All day)

"Plattmakers feat. Luis Felipe Avila Gonzalez"

Special Concert on Invitation of Silke Oldenhage, WAG Germany President

Guest: Luis Felipe Avila Gonzalez from WAG Mexico


​"​I would like to thank everyone who participated in the exhibition.

I would especially like to thank Bikkel, Peter Weisz and Paul Tillila, who gave me their wonderful originals. Also Vanessa Garside
​for​​ sen​ding​ me very special works of art from herself and Gino Indino from Italy.
I also like to thank the artists from Israel, New Zealand, Morocco and China, who have provided me their work digitally. I have printed a selection of it to present it. Unfortunately I could not print them all ​due to limited funds.

Through the participation of the various artists and the
​concert​​ of Felipe​, guest​ from Mexico, it has become a multicultural event which, in conjunction with some German artists, reflected the meaning of WAG.

The works of art were seen and perceived by 1800 people throughout the music summer. Unfortunately none of the artistic works were sold.

At the special
​WAG event on June 14, 2017, approximately 100 visitors attended the event. Felipe's performance together with the German musicians was a complete success and has met with great acclaim.

Ultimately, we have managed to open and connect more hearts to the world.

Many greetings and hugs to you

Silke Oldenhage
​, WAG Germany President"​

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