WAG UK Event Taunton, February 17th

Friday, February 17, 2017 (All day)

​Together with Richard Holt, the manager of the Creative Innovation Centre (CicCic) in Taunton​, we create an event on behalf of WAG UK. We invited a wonderful and quite well-known singer-songwriter from Italy - Francesco Allegro - to be the main performer. He introduced his songs in English and sang his own compositions in Italian. He gave an mesmerising performance. His songs give very personal insights into his own emotional life. The audience were enthralled. This performance was ably supported by Ani Brayley (aka Baroness Boogie) who acted as DJ for the rest of the evening so that everyone could circulate and dance.
Another purpose of the evening was to promote the next World Art Games, Croatia 2017. For this purpose we invited a student from the local art college, Lisa Weiler, who needed some work experience, to meet and greet everyone with a leaflet about the forthcoming event.
Photographs were taken throughout the evening by CicCic's professional photographer, Rob Elford.

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