Words from the Host - WAG Norway NC

"The SCREAM" is one of the Norwegian painter Edvard Munchs most famous art work.

PEACE AND EQUAL RIGHTS is important to all World Art Games members with focus on dialogue and diversity.

We have chosen February to show Norway from the most exotic side. You have to bring warm clothes and shoes, but we have already started to gather woolen sweaters and Norwegian footwear for those who need it. February is the time when you t. ex. may make ice sculptures, and may experience snow. The title "Scream" for peace and equal rights" point at different activities during the event.

The small town Aasgaardstrand is going to be the center for the arrangement. It is placed approximately one hour south west of the Norwegian capital Oslo.

We will visit Oslo, the Munch Museum, the famous Norwegian Opera and other main sites. You will be presented to both local and the important Norwegian culture

We will drive through Vestfold and Telemark, experience different happenings and visit the author Henrik Ibsens home town Skien.

Aasgaardstrand is situated in the middle of old Viking area, with both archeological sites, and living Viking culture. We will visit Edvard Munchs house, and have access to a house along the sea side, where you can view details that Munch have painted, and live in the middle of "his" buildings and landscape. Here you will have the possibility to work during your stay.

We will ask both visual and other artists to have our title "SCREAM" FOR PEACE AND EQUAL RIGHTS in mind when you create new art pieces, and also to make them in a special format. We will give information as soon as the Norwegian artists have their plan ready. The art pieces will be exhibited in a special way.

We will let the participants experience a selection of culture that represents The Middle Ages and Viking culture, different kinds of music, folk culture and folk music, theater, literature, art, architecture, film and food. We will seek collaboration with established and professional artists in the region. We want to interact with educational institutions, and have an environmental profile on the entire project.


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