2017 Additional Entertainment Program


Boat ride on the Sava River
River Sava flows by the city, also marks the border between Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. After a short boat ride, we`ll come to the fishing island, where we will spend pleasant time with served fish dishes, wine, music and socializing

Osijek - Kopački rit - Baranja wine road - Etno village Karanac
OSIJEK - the capital of Slavonia. Accompanied by a local guide will visit the sights - of which the most interesting is Tvrđa, medieval Citadel. In the past, from Tvrđa went famous wooden bridge of Suleiman the Magnificent, length of tens of kilometers, through wetlands of Baranja.
KOPAČKI RIT - the Europe's largest wetlands. Kopački rit is the habitat of many species of birds, some unique, also is inhabited by the many types of wildlife, as deer, wild boar, etc. Swamps are formed on floodplains of the inflow of the river Drava in Danube. Sightseeing tour boat at the swamp.
BARANJA - The path continues through the region of Baranja - famous for its excellent wines. Guests will have the opportunity to taste some of these wines in one of the many wine cellars.
KARANAC - Break in ethno village Karanac with lunch (local specialties and a glass of wine per person).

​Pecs, Hungary
​City of Pecs in Hungary was the European Capital of Culture​ ​in 2010. Apart from​ ​organized sightseeing, guests will​ ​have facultative opportunity to visit the museum of the world​`s​​ famous painter Victor Vasarely, born in Pécs.
The city is also famous​ ​for ​pottery factory Zsolnai, known​ ​by​ its specific green​ color.​​ In many small shops in the town​ ​can be found Zsolnai ceramic objects, for purchase.

​One-day Art Colony​
Colony​ ​is​ plan​ed​​ on a large private property, surrounded by untouched nature. Here we will together prepare a variety of dishes, have available excellent wine and there will be material to work with. Painters will​ ​have​ on​disposal​​ canvas, paper, paints, brushes, pastels, etc.,​ ​to​ create, while poets may recite, musicians play​...​ - in the main, a pleasant artistic companionship. Part of​ ​art​ work​s​​ from the colony will go to the host of this event.​

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